You’re going to be sad when you read this list and realize there will only be nine theaters left after reading. And that’s because they are all in Europe. However, if you are one of those Americans who cringed when European cinema was placed before American movies on free movies zumvo, then we’ve got bad news for you: these theaters in Europe are some of the most incredible movie-going experiences on earth. Here’s a run-down of the ten stunning cinemas that make up this collection:

1) The Gaze 

“This former power station is now a cinema built inside an underground cavern where people can watch films without having to pay for tickets. On the wall above the screen, there is a collection of old clocks and pieces of art. This cinema is not like others because it doesn’t require you to buy tickets or give you assigned seating.”

2) The Giffoni Cinema 

“The Giffoni Cinema opened in 2007 and has 1,000 seats. It was built on the outskirts of Rome, Italy and its theater walls are made out of glass so that people can view everything that goes on inside. It also has a unique balcony where people can watch films from an elevated height.”

3) The Cinema Museum Lumière 

“The Cinema Museum Lumière is a cinema that is modeled after the world’s first ever film studio, which used to be in Paris in 1895. There are many different original movie props on display including famous films as well as movies that were never even filmed there. “The Lumière Cinema is a former cinema in Lyon, France that was built in 1900. The theater was designed by Louis Lumière and it has some of the most beautiful overhanging spires you will ever see.”

4) The Metrograph 

“The Metrograph is a cinema in New York City where you can get unusual seating. You can sit on top of people or on top of a bar. And when you want to watch the movie, you walk out onto the street below and screen it. It is definitely one of the few cinemas where you can drink while watching your favorite movies.”

5) The Cinema Museum Pathé 

“The Cinema Museum Pathé was built in Paris, France in 1908. Its theater walls are made entirely out of glass and it has a row of balconies above the screen. When watching a film at this cinema, you feel as though you are floating in the air because the theater is surrounded by windows.”

6) The Cine Space 

“The Cine Space is located in London, England and it has no seats. This cinema’s theater seats are on wheels and you can move them around or away from the screen. This allows for a more intimate movie-going experience. “The Cine Space is in Brussels, Belgium and it was created by artist Jean-Michel Folon. It was built in the former shell of a cinema and its architecture is lovely. Its interior features a lot of color and images from great directors like Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, and more.”

7) The Cinema Museum Russian 

“The Cinema Museum Russian is a theater in Saint Petersburg, Russia that has a screen that is shaped like the Great Bear constellation. It also has walls embedded with stars that light up at night, making this one of the most beautiful cinemas you will ever get to see.”

8) The Cinecittà Est Cinema 

“The Cinecittà Est Cinema is another cinema in Rome, Italy. It was home to so many great movies like Ben Hur, Julius Caesar, and others. The theater can seat up to 1,500 movie goers and its walls are adorned with stars. “You might recognize this cinema because it was used as a set for many movies, including Mission Impossible II and Troy. The Cinecittà Est was built in 1961 and its seats are like pews. Throughout the year, the cinema hosts performances by opera singers and other musicians.”

9) The Cinematek 

“People tend to forget that the Cinematek is in Budapest, Hungary. It opened in 1994 and was designed by artist Sandor Vorosmarti. “This movie theater was built in Barcelona, Spain and it is shaped like an old, European castle. The theater is built of concrete and steel, which makes it look modern but also adds to its historical nature.”

10) The Cinema Museum of Oberhausen 

“The Cinema Museum of Oberhausen was built in Germany in 1995. It has a perfect pipe organ in the background of all of your favorite movies, which makes this one of the most beautiful cinemas you will ever get to see.


There you have it, folks. That’s the ten cinemas that you must see before you die. It would be a disservice to not mention the one cinema that’s not on this list and that’s because it’s owned by the Vatican in Italy. You won’t be able to see “The Da Vinci Code” there, but you will be able to see a lot of beautiful movies like “The Passion of the Christ.” Until next time!

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