What’s the best way to lose weight? Bizarre diets like drive fitness methuen, exercise away from home, or giving up gluten and carbs? The answer is none of the above; it’s not easy to find a diet that works for you. There are so many out there and it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. But no matter what weight loss plan you choose, these 10 facts about some of the most common and bizarre diets will help you make a decision.

1. If you think dieting is expensive now, just wait. 

The first diet in weight loss history was the Sumerian diet. In ancient Sumerian times, people who were wealthy and overweight were forced to eat certain foods for the public to watch and then discuss the results. Hey, at least the poor fat people who were stuck on this diet got a lot of attention!

2. Choosing a diet is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

If you have been dieting for a while, you probably know that sometimes it doesn’t work. This might make you feel miserable, but there are some people who choose diets just because they like the idea of being full. There is no evidence that these people will stick with the diet and eventually achieve lasting success. On the flip side, some people succeed only because they can’t stop thinking about their next meal or crave foods that aren’t on their diet. These people tend to hit the gym because they can’t help it and soon reach their goal weight without any effort or change in eating habits.

3. If you are considering a weird diet, at least do it in private. 

It can be embarrassing and awkward to discuss some of the weirdest diets out there. There are people who believe that their body is basically made of corn, beans, and soybeans so they might as well eat like that on their diet. Or people who think they have a parasite in their belly eating all the food they want so they can’t digest food unless it’s all plant-based. People who go this far for diets aren’t trying to take control over their health or stay motivated, just curious about how strange these diets really are.

4. You can lose weight by eating more calories, not less. 

We all want to lose weight fast and we do just that, especially in the beginning of any diet. But no matter how much junk food you eat or how many times a day you go to the gym, you will eventually hit your weight loss plateau and stop losing weight. This is when all those diets that tell you to eat more calories actually work as long as you go back to eating regularly and not starving yourself for temporary success.

5. Some diets are so expensive, regular food seems cheap in comparison. 

You have probably heard about diets high in fat or protein: Atkins, South Beach, and Paleo diet are just some of them. Some of these diets cost $50 a week for food. And chances are you can easily find a similar diet that is free. Other diets cost less—like eating all organic food, local, and seasonal foods—but still cost more than the whole family eating out and buying whatever they want.

6. Some users get addicted to their weird diet books, just like drugs. 

There is a thing called orthorexia; it’s kind of like anorexia but for those who are obsessed with healthy food choices instead of thinness. These people read diet books all day, every day. They want to know the best food to eat, the unthinkable food combinations, and the best way to prepare them according to their diet book’s rules. People who have been affected by this tend to become quite anxious if they eat something not on their diet chart.

7. The world of weird diets can be really lonely; don’t be afraid to get out there and try new things! 

Some diets are downright weird—like extreme diets like the cucumber diet—and require you to stay alone in your home with no human interaction except for your lonely self and a handful of foods that you can’t live without. Some people find diets like these lonely and isolating, but there are people who thrive on this. They get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing they will never say “I’ll have a burger” or “I’m going to the movies” again.

8. All the diet books might not work for everyone; don’t set yourself up for failure. 

Even if you love to read about some of the weirdest diets out there, you may want to reconsider your choice as soon as possible. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, or maybe it’s just too complicated and difficult to follow. Don’t think about it for too long; just go and try something else, even if it’s not super extreme. There are lots of simple, manageable diets that can help you lose weight and keep it off!

9. Some diets are so complicated and confusing, there are professional dietitians who can help you figure it all out. 

Just because a diet is weird doesn’t mean you should avoid it altogether. Some people find these diets difficult to follow because they don’t know the best options to choose or how to cook them according to dietary requirements. If you can’t figure out what to eat or how to prepare your food, consider hiring a dietician or nutritionist to help you sort it all out. They can also help you figure out if the diet is right for you and find ways to make it work.

10. Don’t give up on your weird diet too soon; sometimes it takes longer than you expect. 

You may feel like you aren’t making progress with your weird diet, but don’t get discouraged! The first few weeks of any new diet will have a temporary effect because of the changes in your body happening when starting any new weight loss plan. Just be patient and wait until at least four weeks before making a change or abandoning your diet altogether.


Be kind to yourself and understand that there is no one diet that works and keeps you weight loss for good. Different people have different needs, so do your research and try out as many diets as you can.

You may find some of the weirdest diets on Reddit if you search “weight loss” on the site. Some of these people actually have successful weight loss stories about some of these weird diets just like us, so check them out!


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