After all these years it isn’t hard to see how quiz websites have continually grown in popularity. Whether it is for entertainment or educational purposes, quiz sites allow you to answer multiple choice questions based on general concepts like telugu flash news and share your score with others. With that being said, these games are not without their downsides. For one thing, quizzes can be a big scam that could end up costing you lots of money if you aren’t careful.

10 questions you need to ask about quiz are:

1. Why are there so many quiz sites?

Do you know how many quiz sites there are on the Internet? If you do know, it’s likely that the number of them hasn’t changed. According to the survey by E-Poll Market Research and published in the Business World (September 18, 2010), there are over 8 million active user accounts on one of these websites. For comparison, Facebook has more than 750 million active users worldwide. This is only counting those who actively use these websites. You can bet that if you conducted a survey for every member of Facebook, there also wouldn’t be an accurate number for every user account. 

2. Who’s really paying for these sites?

If you’re using a free quiz site, chances are that some company is actually paying for it for their own benefit. In the online business world, this is considered digital marketing, and plenty of companies enter into this type of advertising because it showcases their brand. This way they can prove to the public who they are and how they can help them. With quizzes, there are tons of success stories when it comes to doing just that. For example, if you were to go onto Yahoo Answers.

3. Are the results determined by random chance?

Whenever you’re playing this type of game, there is a chance that you will have to answer a question incorrectly, which will give you a negative result. This means that although you may have answered the question correctly, it doesn’t mean that your score will be higher than someone else. So whenever you get a low score and are wondering why this happened, there isn’t anything wrong with your questions or answers. If a company were to employ this kind of system, they can find out how many people actually like their products through quizzes.

4. What are the real benefits of using these sites?

You may have used a quiz site and found it to be more enjoyable when you share your score with your friends and family. But what exactly is the purpose of that? Well, it’s to attract more people to your business or brand. If everyone’s using a certain quiz website, chances are that they will recommend it to their friends and family. When this happens, there is more word-of-mouth advertising for whatever company or brand they’re representing. This can help them grow in the long run.

5. Are the quizzes that can be found on quiz websites a good way to get information?

While most of these quizzes are harmless, there are also some that will actually steal your personal information. Of course, this is done for purposes of tracking you and seeing who you talk about or share your results with. Because of this, many people have decided not to use these sites because they feel like they’re putting their personal information at risk.

6. How much do companies pay to promote their products on these sites?

If you’re thinking a quiz is just a simple game, maybe you should take an example from football and basketball where players are paid millions of dollars to enter their names into their brackets each year. With quiz websites, there is a chance that companies might be willing to pay for the right to promote their products. Just like any other advertising or marketing campaign, companies will only continue to do this if it’s actually effective.

7. How do you avoid scams?

With hundreds of these websites surfacing all over the Internet, there are tons of them out there and plenty of scammers that use their names and services as ways to attract people. In fact, some of these sites may even be a ripoff themselves. This means that you will want to be very careful when using one. It may be a good idea to learn more about the website before you start using it.

8. How are quiz websites used for educational purposes?

There are plenty of people who enjoy using general knowledge quizzes in order for them to learn more about different topics and issues that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Whether it’s about animals, technology or history, these quizzes can help anyone learn more about a certain topic and expand their knowledge in the process.

9. What do companies actually do with the information they get from these sites?

If a company is able to track everything that you do on their site, they can see the patterns and behavior of what you’re doing. This way they can see what you like and what you might need. They can use this information to better service their clients with new products or services. This is then how they are able to improve their brand, grow it and provide more value to their clients.

10. How do these websites get a legitimate business?

There are plenty of these companies out there that have actually managed to develop surveys and quizzes that are quite entertaining, making the customers feel more involved and thus improving their experience on the website in general. One of these companies is called Yahoo Answers. All they did was take a survey in a certain area where people had misconceptions, then they created an advertisement so people could answer them (Answers With Attitude).


These are the 10 most important benefits of using a quiz website. With that said, there are plenty of different sites out there and it’s not always about which one you use, but how you use it. There is a lot to gain when it comes to these quizzes. So what do you think? Have you ever used these websites? What were some of your experiences with them? 

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