If you’re just getting into the show, then let me guide you through a series of Chef Isms like carmike cinemas huntsville al showtimes so that these 10 things will make sense to you.

1. “Hello.”

The very first thing Captain Chef says in the intro. This is a line that many fans know by heart when they see his iconic face on screen saying it. It’s not really important, but it does provide some context for what comes next!

2. “My name is Captain Chef. I have lost my taste and smell, but my sense of touch is amplified to the tenth power. I can feel everything from the tiniest vibration in the earth to a gentle breeze…”

Captain Chef’s origin story is actually very simple, if you know how to read it. This is a setup for him being able to feel even the tiniest movement and instantly know where it comes from!

3. “Are you a new warrior sent by Master Org? Well then, we’ll just have to see if he’s worthy!”

Some fans might claim that they don’t get this, but this is an example of the show’s epic fight scenes. This is where Captain Chef and his crew would come to the rescue of Master Org, who has lost his sense of taste and smell.

4. “I am in love with the sauce.”

This was an example of the show’s writing quality. The fact that it took the time to write a joke from a character who never speaks and make it funny is astounding! Not only is this hilarious, but it helps you understand why Captain Chef gets along so well with his crew. Captain Chef’s declaration of love for his sauce was considered “cheesy” by some fans, but all I can say is that if it was not called cheese , then it wouldn’t be cheese in my book!

5. “You’re nothing but a ghost!”

One of the show’s best moments is when Captain Chef would come face to face with ghosts. No ghost has ever been able to prove that they were dead, but they would always have a hard time when they met up with Captain Chef and his crew! As I mentioned before, Captain Chef cannot see Ghosts at all…but he can also see people who are talking about Ghosts! This was a major plot point for many episodes.

6. “I’ll save you, but you gotta help me track down those ghosts!”

This goes back to the point I made earlier. In one episode, Captain Chef’s sidekick (named Cut-Man) was possessed by a Ghost that turned him into a half-ghost. The only way to undo this was for them to find/destroy the source of the ghost possession!

7. “Mmmm…this is perfect!”

If you know anything about the show, then you know that Captain Chef is passionate about his cooking. When he uses his sense of touch to determine if something is good or not, then he will get very excited if it’s up to his standards!

8. “I have no mouth.”

During one of the Cthulhu Mythos episodes, Captain Chef had a dream where he was a chef in Cthulhu’s kitchen. This is when it was revealed that he has no mouth! Throughout the series, Captain Chef’s mouth was often shown to be malfunctioning. This gag was very popular with fans, though I think it became a little old by the end of the show.

9. “Oh! Our food has a special taste!”

As I already mentioned, Captain Chef’s sense of taste is the one thing that he can’t see, but he is able to detect a certain type of taste in his food. It could be from anything from cheese to mushrooms, but it never really gets  expanded upon. Even though Captain Chef couldn’t really taste anything, he was able to make people say out loud that they loved his food. This helped provide some comedic situations throughout the show!

10. “I have died and become a ghost!”

If someone was evil, Captain Chef would yell “I have died and become a ghost!” at them. This is actually a reference to the film Ghostbusters, which provided many references to the show throughout its run.

Bonus: “Who drove those cars?”

This is still one of my favorite things that happens in the series. I think it’s hilarious when Captain Chef loses his senses of taste and smell after driving!

“So it seems you’re more important than I thought you would be. Now tell me, how are you getting on with your quest?” -Master Org 


The plot of this episode is very simple. Master Org requests that Captain Chef come over to his home, because he’s having food cravings. Well, it turns out that the Food Org has gone rogue and stolen some of Chef’s recipes! The episode ends with the Food Org wanting to test Master Org’s cooking skills and see if he’s worthy of the power he possesses!

I wrote this article because I felt that the 10 Things Only Die-Hard Fans Get About Captain Chef was more than just a listicle. It was about how you could watch a show for years, but until you experience some of these things for yourself, then it won’t make as much sense.

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