Productivity is a passion for many of us, but some productivity techniques can be difficult to implement and take a long time to produce results. In this article, we will explore eleven paradoxes of productivity. 


We will be discussing how these paradoxes may have been lessons learned from the past and why they still exist in today’s world. 


The Brews News has some more information about 11 Powerful Paradoxes of Productivity to Unlock Your Hidden Time.


Some examples from this list include naps, negative thoughts, not getting enough work done because you’re too busy watching TV at home.


Here are 11 points discussed about Powerful Paradoxes of Productivity to Unlock Your Hidden Time-

1. Time is the Key

If you are spending more time looking for a job than actually finding one, you are losing precious productive time. A paradox of productivity is that while spending good money in a job hunt causes you to lose the day, the old saying is true – your time is really running out. 


This paradox leads to another paradox – finding a job by doing well on a hypothetical quiz will help you find a real job.


2. Time Wasting Is Recommended

It is normal to feel like putting things off but when we get caught up in them and do not move forward, we feel like we wasted valuable time. 


If this happens, it’s because you were going on autopilot and wasting valuable work time by doing so. To combat this, you will want to devote a short amount of time to procrastination.


3. Be Busy All the Time

Time is important but time filling is not so beneficial. When you are busy all the time, it can be difficult to know if you have wasted any time. You may also never prioritize your work and get distracted by less important tasks throughout the day. 


This paradox causes people to lose valuable work time and not see the difference they made during their busy day. You will want to focus on having a clear set of priorities and only work on them when they are due or most deserving of your time.


4. Procrastination Is an Art

Procrastination can be a positive thing but it does require some practice. Some people are naturally more creative and insightful so they don’t procrastinate for long periods of time. Other people are less inclined to act on new ideas and therefore given that opportunity to procrastinate, they can do so for longer periods of time.


5. Be Lazy and Be Productive Too

Some people genuinely think they are bad workers because they get distracted by various things that come their way throughout the day. When this happens, some are motivated by a lack of motivation, which is also known as laziness. 


For those who are truly lazy and call themselves lazy, you should think of how you can be productive with the time you have remaining.


6. It’s Just a Phase

Many people want to do things they are not supposed to be doing like make unnecessary phone calls or procrastinate on their work at hand. This is a phase most people go through and they will want to break that cycle. 


When this happens, it can help if you give yourself rewards for good work done instead of hoping your pain will turn into pleasure. A paradox of productivity is that when you get what you want, it may not feel as great as before because now that you have it, it’s harder to get interested in.


7. Social Media Is Good

If you are following certain social media accounts and not getting any work done, you are wasting valuable work time. Some of the links shared in social media may lead you to useful information that can help improve your productivity. 


You will want to make sure your time is not spent following links and hitting refresh on your laptop or phone. People who follow these accounts are better at multitasking than those who don’t.


8. Sleep On It

Sleep is important because it enables you to be refreshed and ready for the day ahead but it seems paradoxical because people often feel tired after a night’s sleep but still don’t sleep enough even though there might be an abundance of energy left over from the night’s rest. 


Those who do not get enough sleep are more prone to sleep during the day and if this becomes a habit, you may be more inclined to sleep during the day. To solve this paradox, start by making sure you get enough sleep and then set a full on alarm clock to ensure you don’t fall asleep during the day.


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