The state of entertainment has become a big topic on the internet lately and this debate usually comes down to what’s more important: Be entertained by someone else, or create your own content. Most of the time, people take one side and fight it out while they watch other people arguing online. 

What we’re trying to say is that there are many more entertaining options than watching TV or paying for movie tickets. Hostfest 2015 is going to be one of those events that you can’t miss if you want to promote your business. We’re excited to announce the details on what this is going to be like and provide a list of tips for event managers who want everything prepared for success. 

15 Tips To Avoid Failure In Self Entertainment :

1. Don’t Host In The Same Place

In this event, you can’t just rely on one place to host everything. You will have to travel around the venue and talk to various people that come for this networking party. Make sure you know how far away the location is from a certain place and make a clear path so you don’t get lost.

2. Use A Large Area As Background

When doing a live video, try not to use your room as a background because it’s very distracting and too small of an area. If you have enough people at your party or live stream, take photos of them and use them as your background instead. It will be more interesting that way.

3. Advertise On Social Media

We know that goes without saying, but some people still don’t do that. It’s very important to use Facebook and Twitter as a means of advertising because it will get the word out fast, and you’ll be able to see feedback or comments in real time. If you want more tips on how to advertise on social media, make sure you follow our blog.

4. Give Away Free Stuff To Show Appreciation & Avoid Failures

There is a lot of competition out there and if you want people to remember your event for a long time, give them something for free. If you put a lot of effort into your event, people will appreciate it and they’ll remember you for the next event.

5. Talk To People & Build Relationships

If you want to grow your business and make profit, you need to talk to people. This means potential customers, on-lookers or even just people who are there for fun. Make sure you set a budget for food and drinks, because if someone likes what he sees, he will definitely come back for more.

6. Make Sure Everything Is In Place Before The Event Begins

Nothing can go wrong when everything is in place and things are working like they should. If you invite people, have them arrive on time and have everything ready, you don’t risk having your event interrupted.

7. Providing A Nice After Party For Your Attendees

Hostfest 2015 is going to last for two days and you need to ensure that most of your attendees are able to go out and party on their own because it’s the best way of showing their gratitude for coming. If no one is able to go out, they’ll be upset and this could cause lower profits.

8. We Recommend Using A Hosting Service

Hostfest 2015 is open to everyone, but we still recommend using a hosting service because it will increase your profits. If you buy your own hosting, you have to pay for the server and server maintenance yourself. When you use a service provider, they’ll take care of everything for you so that everything is ready when it’s time to start.

9. Use A Video Service Like Ustream or Livestream

We’ll be displaying different live streams of the event on our website and we’re going to urge people to come and watch them live because it gives them a chance to see what’s happening right there in front of them. We recommend using video services like UStream or Livestream because they have a ton of features and the quality is good, but you can choose whichever service you want.

10. Write A Blog Post About What Happened At The Event

If you want to get the word out and let your readers know what happened at Hostfest 2015, write a blog post about it once it’s over. Use your pictures to sum up what everyone has been doing for the past two days and tell them how much fun you had. You can also thank people who came and promise that Hostfest 2016 will be even better than this one.

11. Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Pictures To Use As Marketing Material

If you want to get your brand out there, you need to show people what it’s all about. Hostfest 2015 will give you the opportunity of taking pictures and using them for marketing purposes later on. You can post them on social media networks, email them to your friends or use them in your own blog posts.

12. Host A Contest On Social Media To Get Attention

Hostfest 2015 is going to be a huge event where many different starts-ups will present their businesses and products. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to make it because of the limited number of tickets. If you want people to know about this event, you can organize a contest on social media and give away tickets as prizes. Make sure you do an interview with the winner of your contest and post it online.

13. Use Contests To Generate Media Attention

One way to get more people involved in your event is by organizing contests and giving away something fun as a prize. You can have different contests for different days of the event or even different types of seats . If you’re going to use this strategy, make sure you have people vote for what they like the most because it will make a huge difference.

14. Use Social Media To Find Potential Competitors

If you want to find potential competitors and learn what they’re doing to capture the same audience as you, visit Facebook and Twitter during the event and check out their posts. You can also check out their profiles and see what sort of content they use the most often. This way, you’ll be able to find people who are trying to steal your customers and beat them at their own game.

15. Thanking Everyone Who Participated

You’re going to have a lot of people in the audience and they all put in a lot of effort to make sure Hostfest 2015 was as good as it could be. After the event, make sure you thank them for coming and say that you hope they had a lot of fun. You can also ask them if they liked the event and give them feedback on how you can make it better. If people feel like they’re part of something, they’ll be more likely to come back next year.

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