It sounds cliche, but the truth is it’s not easy being a human being. There are so many things we have to deal with on a daily basis: working, commuting, parenting. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve found 23 things you can quit for an easier, happier life-including toxic relationships and inefficient habits that will only lead to more frustration down the line!

Here at has some more Things to Quit for an Easier, Happier Life.

As these findings show, just imagine how much more relaxed your days will feel if you let these things go. So go ahead, take the plunge. 

Today’s a good day to quit-you’ve got this! What are you waiting for? Get started on your break from the below list today!

1. Toxic relationships

When it comes to your relationships, it’s best not to bring anything negative into your life. It’s not worth it. As these findings show, kicking toxic friends and family out of your life will only improve things. 

Plus, you’re definitely going to feel a lot happier without that negativity constantly in the picture. See our top tips for dealing with toxic relationships here .

2. Unnecessary possessions

With so many new things coming our way each year, it’s tempting to want to keep everything. But you’d be surprised how much stuff there is in the world (in fact, 96% of all the UK’s waste is generated by just 8% of its population), and sometimes that clutter can weigh you down. So start decluttering your life for a happier, less-stressed existence .

3. Not communicating with family and friends

How many times have you thought about doing just that? None of us can manage our lives without talking to someone we care about. 

But what if you could happily live without the constant contact you have now? As these findings show, it will be worth the effort. So ditch that phone call, block that number and start living in peace with your loved ones .

4. Waiting

You know how some people love driving behind the wheel and others just can’t stand it? We know it’s hard to stand in one place for too long, but those antsy people are better off just taking a break from waiting. It’s absolutely not worth the aggravation. So skip waiting lines and walk instead-you’ll be a lot happier! Find out why here .

5. Re-reading emails

Prompting yourself to check your email is one of the most destructive habits of all-and we’re already well aware that our inbox is full up to the brim. Start deleting the annoying stuff for a calmer stress-free life .

6. Taking on too much work

If you want a happier life, then stop taking on more work than you can handle. The results are shocking. As these findings show, overworking yourself leads to stress and confusion, which can negatively affect your mood. So take a step back from your desk and start focusing on what really matters in life.

7. Staying up too late

We all know how important sleep is to our health and well-being. But it’s also certainly one of the toughest things to get right-and the effects of not getting enough zzz’s are pretty obvious! 

As these findings show, not enough hours in the night can make you feel stressed and agitated, leading to irregular eating habits and a whole host of other issues. So try shunning your bed after 11pm and see how you feel!

8. Sticking to the same old routines

There are so many ways to make your life a lot easier-but sticking to the same old patterns can lead to exhaustion, anxiety and stress in the long-run. 

It might seem like you’re sacrificing quality for quantity, but in reality you’ll feel more like a victim of your own making if you keep doing things this way. So spend time trying new ideas and habits that will make your life a whole lot happier .

9. Not taking time out for yourself

10. Not giving your body the care it deserves

11. Not making time for exercise

12. Eating too much junk food

13. Being too hard on yourself

14. Do you have time to do that?

15. Taking yourself too seriously

16. Time with your friends and family

17. Driving too fast

18. Making excuses for not going to the gym

19. Feeling guilty about spending time with yourself

20. Trying to do too much all at once

21. Not trying hard enough to lose weight/not sleeping well/etc.

22. Twisting yourself into a pretzel for work and family on a regular basis?

23. You’re always in a rush

24. Always making excuses for putting off things you know you need to do?

25. What could you do in one day if 24 hours was all you had?

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