Retiring from the workforce is an amazing decision for most people. You’ve been working toward it for decades, and you’re finally there! You’ll spend more time with family, travel to places like bloodborne hp regen you haven’t seen yet, or perhaps just live life without a time clock. It’s going to be great…

However, health retirement might not be as straightforward as you might have wished. Even if your physical stamina isn’t an issue or doesn’t seem like one now, it will become one at some point in the future. While some people are able to work past their physical limitations and maintain a position in their field until they die of old age, many others struggle with chronic diseases that make even the mildest tasks difficult.

1. You’re still young. 

You can’t afford to waste a decade or two working until you’re dying of old age. If you need to work until you’re 85, that’s great; accomplish something, and rest when you can. However, if you were robbed of two decades at this point because your body gradually deteriorated, where would you be?

2. You’ll never have a normal retirement plan 

As the old saying goes, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If you retire with one foot in the grave, there’s no way your employer will ever retire on his own accord for the same reason. This situation translates into unhealthy benefits for employees and managers alike:

a. Loss of job satisfaction. 

If you don’t like your work, it’s only natural that you’ll do a subpar job, which causes more and more stress. At some point in time, the stressors will become unbearable and simply be too much to overcome. The result is usually an early retirement for the employee and a hiring freeze for the manager or business owner.

b. Health insurance becomes more expensive for everyone else 

Since you’re at least partially responsible for higher health insurance costs, everyone else has to cover their own bill somehow… which is always through higher prices or worse reimbursement rates .

c. There’s an overall decline in productivity that can never be recovered 

If your employees are unhappy, that’s one thing. If you’re not doing your job correctly, your replacement can pick up the slack. However, if you have a group of people who are failing to move forward because they’d rather retire early than go on another day… Well, that’s not a problem anyone can fix by merely increasing their workload or improving their compensation packages.

3. You’ll probably need help with daily activities sooner than you think 

If there’s one motto to live by in your retirement years , it’s “Do right by the younger generation. Do right by the older generation.” Your responsibility to your family will change a lot depending on which generation you’re in, but there are certain responsibilities that intergenerational relationships demand of every member.

a. Letting go of trivial things. 

You’re still young enough to play a little, but you’re old enough to know when something isn’t worth worrying about. If your children enjoy doing something, allow them to do it without complaint and without making them feel guilty for it . If they want your time and attention, let them have it for as long as you possibly can .

b. Letting go of necessary things. 

Your children are probably your responsibility too. Now is the time to teach them everything you know, and to let them be responsible for important tasks while you’re learning how to do… Well, not much anymore . If your child wants something, don’t be afraid to give it to him or her. If they need something, make sure they have it as soon as possible .

c. Letting go of family duties that aren’t your responsibility anymore 

As a matter of fact, just stop doing anything in the house other than what you’re still supposed to do. To keep your family operating as functional as possible, make sure tasks are assigned to whomever needs to do them. Don’t worry about it  if you don’t feel like doing your fair share .

4. You’ll probably have to support your family financially 

It’s one thing if you’re still working and can support your children and yourself while they’re still young, but what do you do when they hit their 20s or 30s and want a career of their own? With retirement benefits gone, how will you continue to help them?

a. Letting go of the ability to give money 

If they want to move in with their friends, do it. If they need a place of their own… Why not just give them the house too? If you’re lucky, they’ll still find a way to support themselves. If not, why force them to be full-time employees if you can’t even offer them health insurance?

b. Letting go of the expectation of income 

This one’s especially hard because you’ve probably been paying your own bills since high school or college. However, your children deserve every penny they earn and more. Their first paycheck should be their own money; if it starts coming in as yours or if you start paying any bills for them… Well, it’s impossible to teach personal responsibility that way .

c. Letting go of maintaining a clean and comfortable house 

If you don’t want your kids to live in filth, it shouldn’t be too difficult. All you have to do is let them know that it’s not right , and that they need to make the room or house more presentable .

d. Letting go of making sure their own health insurance is covered 

If your kids get sick, grant them medical aid if you can afford it; otherwise, just trust that they already have coverage.


In the end, there are no hard and fast rules for retiring early. If you get lucky, there’s always the opportunity to come back in a few years after you’ve taken some time to heal from your physical woes… or maybe you’ll be forced to work longer than expected because you managed to blow through all of your savings prematurely. If you make your own luck, however, realize that it comes at a high price: a meal with extra calories here and there; a retirement account that’s slightly lower than it could have been; a little bit more stress every day without fail; continuous good health as long as possible; financial support for family members all the way until the end…

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