Trying to train your dog can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The right techniques can make it easier for both of you, without the hassle of repeating the same lesson over and over. 


Websitesetuper has some more tips to train your dog easily.


The following tips will show you how to train your dog quickly and easily without any fuss or stress on either you or the dog.

1) Reward what’s good.

If your pup does something that you want them too, reward them for it! Even just a little pat on the head will do the trick.


If you’re trying to teach your pup to not jump on people, and he does not jump on you when you tell him not to, reward him for it!


If your dog responds to a command correctly, give them a treat or praise them. If they don’t, then stay quiet and ignore them (or take away the treat from them if it’s food).

This will help reinforce good behavior in your dog.


2) Be consistent.

This is key when trying to teach a new behavior or rule. If they do what you want one time, it’s not enough! Stick with being consistent so that they know this is how things are going to be from now on.


If your dog jumps on you, stay still and ignore them until they sit. Then reward them with some pets if you wish. If they jump on you again, then stay still and ignore them until they sit again. Repeat this as many times as it takes for them to learn not to jump on people.


If your dog is tempted by something like food or another dog outside, don’t let them have it! Stay firm and ignore their pleas so that they learn that bad things will happen if they do something bad.


3. Work on training with small steps.

This goes hand in hand with the last tip. If they do something bad, don’t punish them right away! Work on getting them to sit and stay and reward them for it. 


Once you’ve done so, go back to punishing them for things like jumping and not coming when called. 


After they know that these sorts of behaviors don’t get rewarded, then start working on other ones like jumping up and whining at the door etc.

4) Teach with consistency and love.

If your dog responds well to an entire treat, praise or petting session once in a while then that’s great! However, if they never respond to it after this repeated attempt at teaching their specific behavior. 


Then it’s time to look at the situation and make sure you’ve done everything correctly. Have you done everything right? It could be that your environment is not suitable for training. Equipping your home with the right equipment and tools will make things easier for you and your dog .


Impulse Control:

Teaching your dog how to calm down and control themselves in stressful environments like the vet clinic, vet waiting room or even a busy street can save their life! This way they won’t jump onto people, bark at passers by etc., which could cause a lot of problems for other people as well as you.


Working on constant rewards and small steps will help you teach your dog how to be calm and controlled. You can find more information on this here!


5) Don’t give up!

Sometimes, as owners we’re determined as to what kind of behavior we want out of our dogs. However, sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your dog is not going to respond as you would like them too. 


Whether it’s aggression or separation anxiety don’t give up! It took a long time for these behaviors to develop and they will take a long time to reverse them.

Training your dog is a year round job, but you can see results pretty quickly if you stick with it.


6) Have patience! 

This goes hand in hand with number 5. It may feel like your dog is not responding to you as you hoped they would, but don’t give up! 


They are not intentionally trying to do anything bad. We all have bad days and bad weeks, but the important thing is that you keep working at it even when things aren’t going well. 


If it doesn’t feel like they’re listening to you any more, then go back again until they are!

There isn’t a magic instant cure for any behavior problems. 


You have to stay consistent and patient. If it takes a while, then that’s okay! It will get better. It took me at least two months to reverse my dog’s separation anxiety and six months to get them used to the vet. 

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