If you’re anything like me, when you open a text message you immediately start typing in all sorts of cute and helpful Emoji. After all, it’s the quickest way to convey the tone of your message without having to type out an entire paragraph! However, there are some tricks that can help make sure that your expressions get across as clearly as possible on emoji keyboard for samsung galaxy s7.

1. Avoid the Emoji Wheel

The first mistake that can happen easily if you’re new to the Emoji world is to click on the mall with all of the Emojis (no I don’t know what it’s called either). I’m sure you’ve noticed this one. While it’s really convenient, it makes it difficult to find the emojis you want if you scroll through the list too quickly. Instead of scrolling, try going through each category in order, starting with food, then animals, and ending with symbols. Try to avoid being distracted by the emoticons that are popular right now—they’ll probably be replaced soon anyway!

2. Type out your emoji on your keyboard

Instead of picking an emoji, and then swiping your finger across the screen to manipulate it, try typing the Emoji that you want to send out directly on your keyboard. No matter how much fun they are to use, you’re not going to get very far if your keyboard doesn’t support them. If you want to use the Emoji keyboard, you’ll need a version of Google Chrome that supports it. If you’re on a computer, check your antivirus for any warnings about Emoji support—it’s usually the first place you should look. For smartphones and tablets, use an app like EmojiOne to make sure your keyboard is set up correctly.

3. Explore your language settings

Google Chrome supports over 250 languages, including a variety of right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. But if you’re not a native speaker of one of those languages, you might have missed a few tricks to make your Emoji even more expressive. Emoji aren’t just limited to phones and computers—they’re also available on other platforms. That said, you’ll have to check the settings for each platform to see if your phone or computer can be used with an Emoji keyboard. If you have trouble finding them, try clicking the emoji button at the bottom-right of your keyboard. If that doesn’t work, check your help menu or documentation for a list of available keyboards. You’ll likely find Emoji there!

4. Get creative with punctuation

Emoji can make your sentences stand out, and they help you deliver a strong punch in just a few words. You’ll probably notice that the keyboard includes a lot of useful symbols, like heart eyes, thumbs up, and winking faces. Sometimes words just can’t cut it and you have to find other ways to express yourself (or get the point across). When that happens, you can use a combination of emoticons, symbols and punctuation marks to get across the message. For example:

5. Use your thumb

The Emoji keyboard is a lot of fun, but it isn’t the only way to get your message across. If you’re on an iOS or Android device, you can type out emoji in the main text entry area instead of using the keyboard. If you have big hands like me, then this tip can help you save space and time. As shown in the image above, icons are often smaller than the rest of your keyboard so that they don’t take up too much room. To use them, simply hold your thumb or finger over the icon—it’ll expand to fill your whole screen for a moment before returning to its original size!

6. Keep an eye out for new emojis

Emojis are updated fairly frequently, meaning that several new ones might be added to your keyboard in just a few months! Of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s a keyboard that supports the new icons before downloading it. As an example, Apple has been rolling out its newest operating system for its mobile devices, which allows users to add emoji by clicking the smiley face icon. If you’re having trouble finding your emoji or can’t find it on Google Maps, check with your manufacturer for more information about your Emoji keyboard!

7. Think outside the box

Use more than just an emoji—you can also use a symbol to show a character from another language. For example, this version of the smiley face is known as “white man”. While Emoji might be popular, they aren’t perfect! That’s why you should always remember that there are other ways to express yourself. For example, if you’re angry and want to convey that your head is exploding, try typing out some steam!


Did you know that your Emoji keyboard isn’t just used on your smartphone or computer? You can use it from other devices, too, such as laptops and tablets. I know this was a long list, but trust me when I say that these tricks will help you master your emoji keyboard in no time. Of course, there are always going to be some Emoji that you need to look up online. That just means more practice for you!


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