Sports and controversies have always been at the center of society. Whether you’re a sports like portugal ireland highlights fan or not, it’s a time-honored tradition that continually evolves and leads to passionate debate over important topics like race, gender, politics and more. The bottom line is, sports are controversial as well; however there are some ways that you can reduce your risk when they do happen.

8 life saving tips about sports and controversies are:

1. Stay out of the spotlight.

I’m not talking about changing your name to “Joe Blow” and living a quiet life; I’m talking about staying out of the spotlight. The most common way to get involved in a controversy is by saying or doing something that puts you in the spotlight. This leads to your motives being questioned, oftentimes unfairly. Get yourself out of any situation where you’ll be the center of attention and you can reduce your risk of controversy.

2. Stay focused on what’s important to you

You live for moments like these, so why ruin them? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our emotions that we lose sight of what’s really important to us. Strive to be objective and focus on your goal. This can greatly reduce your risk of controversy.

3. Keep it simple

We often put a lot of meaning into words, but sometimes we do so unnecessarily. For example, in the phrase, “I love you” is the word “love”. But when we say things like “I’m sorry”, it’s just as powerful. If you’re going to speak out on a topic, do so in a professional manner that can be backed up with facts, not opinion or emotion. Getting caught up in the heat of the moment can lead to questionable statements that are difficult to defend and ultimately lead to less respect for you.

4. Articulate your message with care

Speaking clearly is fundamental when expressing yourself in an interview or speech so that others can understand it more easily and accurately than if you speak too quickly or in a rush. When you rush through an interview or a speech it can be difficult for people to understand what you’re saying, which could lead them to reach the wrong conclusions about your intentions, which can ultimately lead to controversy.

5. Avoid distractions

Your big moment is your big moment. Don’t let other players, coaches or outsiders take it away from you. Focus on your performance, not that of others. Concentrating on what you’re doing and not getting caught up in things like social media or other entertainment that could keep your mind from focusing on the task at hand is essential. Focusing on one thing and doing it well allows you to achieve success and avoid controversy down the line.

6. Carefully choose your words

Regardless of whether you’re talking to a group or one person, your message needs to be clear and concise. If you say one thing but mean something else, you’ll be misunderstood. This can lead to intense debates, which can eventually lead to controversy. You have a voice that others rely upon; be mindful of how you use it. Before speaking, take a moment to ask yourself if what you’re about to say is true and if it will benefit the people that you’re addressing. Choose your words carefully to avoid controversy and praise.

7. Be diplomatic with criticism

It’s difficult to avoid controversy when dealing with important social issues. However, there are ways to control your risk. Constructive criticism is a good way to go about things since it’s more objective and the person receiving it can use it as constructive feedback instead of feeling attacked. If you come at another person with criticism be prepared for them to fire back. If they sense that you are being unfair or unreasonable, they’ll probably react in the same manner. Make sure that your criticism is constructive, can be backed up with facts and does not appear overly aggressive or threatening. The less controversial you appear, the better off you are!

8. Take the high road

This is the best way to combat controversy. Take the high road and you’ll come out on top most of the time. Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between a good person and a great one, is how they react when they make one. When you find that you have been involved in controversy or made a mistake, be prepared to own up to it and learn from it so that you can avoid the same mistake in the future. Learn from your mistakes and take the high road; you’ll be glad you did!


Being aware of these 8 tips may save your reputation and career in the future so you can focus on your true goals. Furthermore, I think we all have learned something new this time. Meanwhile, if there are any suggestions or comments with regard to these 8 life saving tips about sports and controversies, please feel free to post in this blog with your valuable comments.

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