Anxiety is a real thing that many of us experience on a daily basis. Some people may think they know everything there is to know about anxiety, but the truth is that it’s often misunderstood. As such, this blog post will cover 8 myths related to anxiety and how they can be avoided. Do you need to see quotes on reflection in mirror?

Myth #1 – Anxiety is a fear of the unknown (or something insignificant)

In reality, anxiety is nothing new. It’s simply a part of life. If you’re reading this, you already know that anxiety comes from being anxious about things. You see, anxiety can be triggered by anything – from the unknown to the insignificant. The only difference is whether you choose to let it control your life or not.

Myth #2 – Anxiety causes depression

Depression isn’t caused by anxiety. Depression comes from a natural chain reaction that occurs after an individual’s brain has been exposed to powerful, negative thoughts on a regular basis (typically 3-5 times per week). The thoughts may come from a stressful situation or they might be triggered by events that happen throughout the day. Regardless, those thoughts trigger an emotional response. The person then becomes depressed and feels hopeless, which leads to more anxiety.

Myth #3 – Anxiety only affects people with anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are recognized as a medical condition that occurs when an individual’s anxiety becomes out of control at certain times. For example, a person who has constant, extreme anxiety about something (like the dentist) without any control over it is most likely suffering from an anxiety disorder. In truth, anxiety doesn’t discriminate and affects everyone in some way. For example, it can cause someone to lose their job, feel unconfident, or even give up on their dreams. Anxiety provides the perfect platform for spreading negativity and negative energy throughout a person’s life.

Myth #4 – Most people with anxiety disorders tend to be “crazy”

In reality, most people with anxiety disorders are just normal people who suffer from an intense form of negative energy. Instead of fighting the “crazy” label, this person might be better off learning how to become more conscious of what they’re feeling and how they’re thinking. While many people with anxiety disorders may seem a little bit different at times, they aren’t crazy. People who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder are often more realistic than those who aren’t. The fact is that they simply experience normal thoughts and feelings on a frequent basis, which can make them seem odd in comparison to others.

Myth #5 – Anxiety can be cured by taking medication

Anxiety can be treated by taking various types of medication, but it can never be cured by doing so. In truth, anxiety always comes back because negative thoughts are what trigger the sensation in the first place. Drugs and medications only mask the symptoms temporarily. As a result, it’s important to understand that anxiety is something that is inevitable, not something that can be cured.

Myth #6 – Anxious people tend to have bad health

While anxiety is something that usually affects the mind more than anything, it does have an effect on the body. But, it does not cause any physical illness and is not responsible for any poor health. In reality, it’s the opposite. Studies show that people who are anxious tend to live longer than those who aren’t anxious. Why? Well, it doesn’t take long for anxious people to get sick and die. Instead of being pessimistic like someone with an anxiety disorder can be, why not give yourself an opportunity to live a longer life?

Myth #7 – All people with anxiety have the same level of severity

In truth, all people with anxiety experience different levels of severity. While some people may be more impacted by their anxiety than others, everyone will experience different symptoms at different times. This is because everyone’s anxiety response is unique to him or herself. Not all individuals experience anxiety the same way. Some people may appear to be anxious at first, but they can eventually overcome it by taking various medications. Others may not seem anxious on the outside, but they suffer from severe symptoms that can affect their day-to-day life.

Myth #8 – Anxiety is just a feeling

While anxiety is a feeling, it’s a very powerful feeling that comes with many negative thoughts. In fact, anxiety doesn’t just affect how you feel, it goes out of its way to make sure you feel like you’re in a bad situation constantly. It also has tendencies to convince you that your feelings are based on how your significant other treats you or how someone from your past treated you in the past.


Anxiety can be treated, but it can’t be cured. The truth is that everyone has an internal method of feeling and the only way to get rid of anxiety is to change those negative thoughts. That’s why this post will serve as a reminder for anxiety sufferers to learn how to defeat it on their own.

In love and health.

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