In recent years, there has been a controversy surrounding the accuracy of climate change reports and dual class imoen. There are many people who question whether or not climate change is a global phenomenon or just the result of natural human-made processes that cause Earth’s temperature to fluctuate. In this article, we explore some common misconceptions about climate change and argue against them.

1. Climate change is too complicated to understand

When it comes to thinking about complex topics like climate change, it’s easy for us humans to give up hope on our ability to know everything as much as we’d like at first glance. This is why I’m glad an organization, called The Climate Reality Project, has been created to bring the public up to speed with what’s really going on in the world regarding climate change.

This organization has gone beyond informing us of the scientific realities of climate change, and has worked towards changing peoples’ minds about it as a communicative tool. This is why there are now people who are taking action to help save our planet and learn more about what’s happening. To allow us all to clearly understand this issue and make informed decisions about it, The Climate Reality Project provides a ten-step process for being better informed on how we can act on this topic as individuals.

2. Climate change is not new

While some people choose to believe there is no climate change, this isn’t true. We have been experiencing extreme weather events for years that many don’t even seem to notice. According to a study by The Climate Reality Project, the eastern seaboard of the United States has experienced more than 10 major storms since 1900. This is far from new.

3. Global warming is not warming the whole planet

Since the middle of the 20th century, we have been seeing a global rise in temperature across Earth’s surface at roughly 0.8 degrees Celsius per decade (1 C or 1 F per year). This is due to the accumulation of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses (GHGs) in Earth’s atmosphere. The more heat-trapping GHGs added, the higher the temperature will rise, even though we are only seeing increases on a global scale. In fact, there have been a wide range of natural measures that show this change in temperature is mostly caused by human impacts.

4. Global warming stopped during the intense cold periods of the past few years

Global warming isn’t slowing down during extreme cold periods like those experienced from 2010-2016. These events are not proof that climate change has stopped, but rather an indication of how fast our planet is changing due to climate change. Over the past 200 years, these cold periods have happened approximately every 30 years on average, meaning there is no way to know for sure if this will continue to be the case. But there has been a trend of increasing global temperatures over the past three decades even during these extreme cold events.

5. There has been an increase in extreme weather as a result of climate change

While some people may think that climate change has increased extreme weather, this is not true. According to scientists at The Climate Reality Project , they found no correlation between global warming and natural disasters. In fact, they’ve found that over time, hurricanes have become less frequent and less severe with each passing year as we experience more frequent ocean heat accumulation due to global warming.

6. Climate change is only happening in the northern hemisphere

While it is true that the effects of climate change are currently being seen in the northern hemisphere, this will not always be the case. In fact, there has been an increase in temperature across both hemispheres of Earth with recent years having some of the highest temperatures ever recorded on our planet’s surface. 

7. The earth’s natural processes would stop climate change

While it was previously believed that natural processes were capable of stopping climate change, scientists today use computer models to show how human impacts have only increased global warming and taken over natural processes as well as reduced their effectiveness at cooling our planet. 

8. Scientists are still trying to figure out the cause of climate change

Scientists around the world are increasingly finding more and more evidence that shows how human-caused climate change is currently occurring. While there are still some questions about what causes climate change, it has been proven beyond any possible doubt that climate change is actually happening through computerized models from different disciplines. 


While it’s true that these myths can be disturbing and engender feelings of disbelief, they are nonetheless untrue. Climate change is happening, there has been an increase in global temperatures, and scientists are actively looking for the cause. It’s important that we acknowledge our role in this process as a species and act accordingly to help Earth deal with its ever-changing climate.

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