Farmville, like stardew valley farm name, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the course of its lifetime. Congratulations, you have now been chosen to farm your way to the top! However, as with any game, there are always surprises and mishaps that crop up along the way. Players may be stuck on a level by not having enough bonus money left in their reservoir to buy seeds or they might have lost one of their animals from being eaten by wild animals. The following article will explain some common problems players experience when playing Farmville and provide advice on how to deal with these unfortunate issues.

8 problems everyone has with farming and their solutions:

1. How to get a good start

Sure, you have just started farming and finally have enough money to buy your first seeds – but what should they be? Should you go for the cheapest option or the one that will give the best return on investment? Ultimately, it is up to you as the player. At this stage in the game though, it makes sense to look at the prices of all of your options and work out which will give you a better return on investment. For example: a field of corn will cost $40 per harvest. Your savings in order for you to buy that field is $10. You could therefore plant 2 rows of corn at first which would then increase your profits from $60-$100 after harvest.

2. How to get bonus money for free

You may have just visited a friend’s farm and have noticed that she/he has a lot of bonus money – maybe even enough to buy one field. You now want to know: how did you get so much bonus money? The answer is that your friend has completed a variety of tasks which will reward them with bonus money, items or resources. Tasks range from visiting the furniture store in-game up to completing quests in-game. It is really worth looking at these tasks as they can earn you a lot of extra cash.

3. How to save up for a large purchase

Most players will have experienced being stuck on a level because they don’t have enough money to buy seeds or water. One option that might have occurred to you is putting your farm on hold and gaining more XP points so that you are able to upgrade your barns. This is not the best idea as it will take a long time for your farm to fill with resources again – especially if you are clearing land at this point in time. Instead, it would be better if you could get into the habit of saving up for bigger purchases by having a little bit of money taken out of your account each day/week/month.

4. How to save your animals from wild animals

Your animals are your pride and joy. You have spent hours looking after them and now they are a part of the family. The thought of losing one is unbearable, so you want to know: how do I stop my animals from being eaten by wild animals? There are a number of ways you can keep your animals safe. One option is upgrading your barn as this provides a free chicken house that will protect 50% of your chickens from being eaten by coyotes. Another option is to invest in more fencing which will then increase the radius that the wild animal can’t get into.

5. How to make friends with other players

Facebook’s Farmville page has over 9 million ‘likes’ which gives an indication of just how many people have this game. The best advice we can give you is to make sure you are following the Facebook Farmville Group. The community there is full of friendly people and once you’ve done that it might be worth posting a request on the wall saying what you are looking for. For example, “Looking for someone to trade me.” This will then attract many of the casual gamers who would love to trade with another player.

6. How to get rid of trees from your farm

Trees may not seem like a big deal but they can cause havoc when they are left on your farm. Trees take up a lot of space and can block your fields from producing crops, so you might want to get rid of them. One option is to sell the trees for money – perhaps you have an overgrown stack of wood that cost you $10. Another option is to chop down the trees and sell the logs which will bring in $10 per log. If you are in a hurry, then you could use the sawmill which will give 6 chopped logs for each tree that is cut down.

7. How to make extra money

You might want to get extra cash from your farm by clearing land or making a few extra crops – but at this stage in your game it doesn’t really make sense. Clearing land might net you a $2 profit per space but if you want to make a profit then you should be focusing on the top left hand corner of your farm which has the best return on investment ratio. If you did want to clear some land, then it would be advised to try and cut out a nice square piece of land next to one of your plots. This will not only maximize your profit but also leave plenty of space for future crops.

8. How to beat that level

Things are not going well on your farm, you have run out of money and have no animals left alive. You are stuck on a level and need help – try reading my tips on how to get out of droughts or how to get out of debt. I also provide some advice on how to get out of droughts here. If you are really stuck, then you can always ask for help on the Farmville Farm page . The community is full of helpful people who love nothing more than helping other players. If all else fails, if you don’t enjoy farming anymore then why not sell your farm? There is always somebody out there who would like to purchase an established farm.


These tips will hopefully help you get started on your farm. You will also see a variety of other tips which I have not included here which you might find useful – for example: how to lower your water requirements, how to beat the quests and lots of other stuff! One final piece of advice is not to panic – if things don’t work out, just start again and try a different approach. There are plenty of ways to make lots of cash on Farmville so enjoy yourself!

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