There are many things we wish we knew about our farms before the cows, pigs, sheep and chickens arrived. Now that they’re here, we’re eager to learn more about how to care for them. Many of the tips are easy to implement; for others like brit manuela instagram it can be a little more work but it is worth it in the end.

Here are 8 tricks you may not know about caring for your farm animals: 

1. Cows are social animals

Often the first thing people think when they buy a cow or two, is how they will house them. But research has proven that cows really enjoy socializing with other cows and spend most of their time in fields with friends. Not only do they enjoy each other’s company, but it also helps them to raise their calves better. Farmers who have this information in mind are able to build an extension section on their barns where they can house more than one cow as well as make an area for the calves to be kept so that the mothers can be with them 24/7. 

2. Pigs are like dogs

Pigs are loyal and loving animals and will form a close bond with their owners. They are very playful creatures and enjoy the company of humans. In fact, owners can often let their pigs sleep inside their homes if they choose to do so. But to maintain a close bond with them, you will have to spend time with them. Pigs also need attention from their owners when greeting them after being apart for a long period of time. They will jump up and down and wag their tails to greet you just like dogs do when you come home. 

3. Sheep are very smart indeed!

Goats will eat the same spots over and over, but sheep will pick it up and consider it their own property. They can be very territorial and you don’t want to make them angry. In fact, shearing your sheep may even make them smarter! There was an experiment run by a scientist at the University of Cambridge where he taught his dog to recognize the letter “A”. Then he taught his sheep to recognize the letter “D”. It wasn’t long before the sheep could recognize all 26 letters. 

4. Chickens can be noisy at night

Most chickens will crow in the morning as they greet the sunrise, but as they get older, they tend to crow at night. This is a normal part of their life cycle. Chickens are generally quiet animals and will not cause any disturbance in your home, but have you ever heard their distress cries? Sometimes chickens will go quiet because they hear other animals or predators outside. When they hear a coyote’s howl, for example, they will all keep totally silent so as to not give away their location to the predator

5. Pigs love mud

Pigs enjoy having mud wallow areas in their barns; a place where they can go to cool off and get dirty. Pigs will go through periods when they don’t like being dirty, but as soon as the dirt is washed all over them once more, they will start enjoying it again. Pigs spend a lot of time rolling around in mud and wallowing in it. This is not only a great way to cool their skin off on very hot days, but it also helps them clean their fur. Pigs will often go down a long pipe that runs past the barn where they can blow snot, mud and water all over the place.

6. Chickens are very messy

Chickens can go through periods of being very dirty, then they will go through times when they are meticulous in doing everything they do. Apart from the mess, you would be surprised to know what a well-cared chicken can produce in one day. Chickens love to scratch and peck around in their food as well as dirt. If you’re not going to be able to take care of your chickens then don’t get them, because they will make a huge mess in your yard if they’re allowed to run free. 

7. Sheep don’t socialize with each other

Many people feel that sheep are not social animals, but in fact, they are very social. They flock together and will make an easy target for predators; so it is in their best interest to stick together to protect each other against predators. The closest thing to sheep socializing is actually their relation to each other. Sheep are very bashful and will bristle when they feel they are being stared at by another sheep. They like to do everything in pairs but they do not like crowds of other sheep around them. 

8. Goats love people

Goats are very friendly and like to be treated like dogs. They are very playful and curious animals, so if you have kids try to let them play with the goats. If you have a goat that is injured or sick, it will know that it’s not welcomed in the herd. When people come over to your farm, goats often love to be petted and rubbed. Because of this, goats should always be kept outside so that they can get lots of interaction with humans on a daily basis. They also never seem to get bored and are constantly looking for something new to do.


All animals have their own unique personalities and quirks that make them adorable, interesting, or even just plain strange. But these little quirks are what make them all the more unique and special. Make sure to take care of your farm animals as best you can . . . they will love you for it!

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