Celeb life is ridiculously easy once you know some tricks of the trade. The following nine tips can help inexperienced people have a smoother start in the business world, whether they’re aspiring to be a reality TV star or not. Who is jungle jim 4322? They’ll also make you feel more prepared and confident moving onto bigger and better things. Of course, these tips will work for any type of goal in general but trust me when I say that celebs are definitely aware of their own needs as much as anyone else out there so these techniques will be just as effective for them!

1. Never use a personal phone number

When you’re first starting out, it’s tempting to use a personal cell phone for all of your calls and texts. However, this isn’t the best idea when you’re talking about business. Pop culture is littered with examples of people who have lost their jobs because they posted inappropriate photos or other things on their phones. They later had to come clean and explain why they did it and how they were sorry. Avoid being that person! Get a cheap cell phone just for doing business. As long as you meet deadlines and show up to meetings on time, it’s only good things ahead.

2. Have a plan for every situation

Do you want to be a great director for movies? Having a plan for every situation will definitely help you. As an example, if you’re going out to eat with an actress, ask the waiter if he would take your picture with her. That way you get a great photo, and it will make the actress see that you’re crazy but in a good way. She may then ask to see if any other pictures of her are on your phone. If she does, just tell her that you don’t have any! This is one way of getting favorites and retweets off the bat!

3. Be a to-do list master

Any great business person will tell you that the best way to be organized is by always keeping a to-do list. This can be as simple as writing down things on a Post-It and putting them on your fridge or wall. It’s more important that you put an item on your list than it is for you to cross it off. Things can get pretty crazy in the celebrity lane so I would definitely recommend writing down specific tasks or ideas during the day, and then crossing them off when they’re done. That way you won’t forget anything!

4. Use the same filter for all photos

You may be a bit more artistic than I, but don’t use a filter when you’re taking celebrity photos. Some celebs have discovered that using certain filters can make their skin appear smoother or even enhance their eyes in some ways. Instead of putting on a filter, just take the image as it is and email or text it to whomever you want to see the picture. That way, you’ll get extra points for being original.

5. Don’t use props in pictures

As long as your movies are good and your sound is good, nobody cares what you look like! One thing that keeps people from getting roles is actually putting silly things on themselves in order to be funny or cute. You should just be the best you. If the director or casting director notices that you’re doing something funny, he’ll definitely give some extra attention to your movie!

6. If you’re in a public place, always make sure to have your camera out and ready

Don’t ever store your phone camera in a pocket when you’re in public unless you want it to get stolen and then fall into the wrong hands. Also, never go on a date with someone if there’s no way for them to see your face without compromising your safety. This is how rape cases happen! Always keep a close watch out for bad guys who could be lurking around.

7. Always be the one to bring up topics

Whenever you get a chance to talk with a celebrity, always make sure to bring up the same things. This is because your opinion will have a tendency to draw the focus back to you and away from them, thus boosting their own status in the process!

8. Keep your mouth shut about people

If there’s something that you know about a celebrity or someone in their circle of close friends or family, don’t share it with anyone else. If you want that person to want to meet with you, don’t blabber about it publicly. You’ll never get what you want that way. Just try to get out of it if someone asks you about it.

9. Never strike up a friendship with the same person for 2 years straight

When you think about it, some celebrities don’t really seem that great in person. However, they’re still pretty cool just because they know how to make others like them. It’s important that if you’re going out to lunch or dinner with someone, or even going on a date with them, that you don’t do this every day for more than two years straight.


Celeb life is way easier than you think it is. With a little bit of planning, you can easily get the career that you want and make yourself a great living! Just remember the tips above and enjoy the ride!

There are many labels that could be given to describe me, but one thing’s for certain: I am an entrepreneur with passion. Whether it's building websites and social media campaigns for new businesses or traveling the world on business trips - being entrepreneurs means constantly looking at yourself in a different light so as not get bored of your own success!


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