If you’re the type of person who likes to stay ahead on the job market, it may be time for your skills to go in for a tune-up. Here are nine enticingly useful ways to keep your resume, cover letter, and interview (ramona andra xavier interview) skills sharp and relevant. The process of continually learning is often key in maintaining employment, so it’s a good idea to keep going with these tips.

#1. Visit an online education platform such as Lynda. com, Udemy.com, or Skillshare.com

Tie your skills and experience to specific, relevant topics. Learn new skills on these sites by checking out video tutorials, portfolio-based courses and even live webinars. In almost every case, the platform is free to use and there are no up-front costs to enroll in a course or workshop plan. 

#2. Take a computer class 

If you’re interested in a career change or relocating, taking a basic computer training course can often be the difference between landing a job and not. The courses typically take one to three hours to complete, and they offer a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of being a computer professional. Class at a local community college or public library Don’t quit your job just to pursue your career goal—but don’t rule it out completely either! There are many ways you can still learn while working and this may be one of them. 

#3. Explore a related topic with a video course

For instance, you can learn something completely different like the basics of 3D animation, or even just learn a specific skill that makes you more marketable (like graphic design) in your area. Visit a place like Udemy.com, which is home to thousands of courses covering topics ranging from web design and web development to digital marketing. You can search for “computer,” or “web,” or “tech,” or anything else that’s relevant to your work experience and see what you find.

#4. Take an on-site course

If you’re in the job market, taking on-site courses can help you build your skill set while also staying relevant on the job. Choose classes on a topic that relates to the job you’re trying to get. There are some great options for IT professionals and other skilled professionals, including certifications from the International Society of Safety Professionals (ISSP) and TechNet University.

#5. Keep your skills up-to-date

If you’re trying to get a new job, you’ll want to make sure that your resume is as current as possible. Follow these tips on how to improve your resume, which will help you show your employer that you’re keenly interested in the position, but also keep it fresh and engaging. Consider annual training or membership options like those offered by Six Figure Mentors. This site connects you with industry experts who teach online courses in various fields, all at an affordable price. Or, consider a course that uses webinars as the learning format—like a computer class or any of the ones listed above. 

#6. Keep abreast of industry news

There are many ways to keep on top of industry news and developments, including: Subscribe to industry publications like Linked In’s Blogs and Trends newsletter. You can also follow IT leaders on Twitter, or business executives on Facebook, to keep up with industry trends—and find out whether the workplace is getting more crowded or less. 

#7. Try a new career-related pastime

Join a computer gaming league or club, or try some summer classes in a new subject area. Expand your mind and start to learn something new by putting yourself in a situation where you have to pay attention. A new hobby can inspire professional goals, help you relax from the job, can make you more interesting to talk to at a party (or in an interview!) and often help expand your overall skill set.

#8. Learn how to manage your time better

Multiple studies have shown that effective time management is a key to success in the workforce. This means you should take the time and energy to seek out training that will help you manage your schedule, prioritize tasks, and get the most out of your day. The 30 Challenges by Tim Ferris is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a whole new world of career possibilities.

#9. Try a service like LearnerNation.com

In addition to their free online learning platform, which includes more than 350 courses, the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a 7 day a week customer support team; if you’re unsatisfied with their coursework, they’ll give you your money back. Learn and practice skills you’re interested in, from table manners to personal finance, with interactive games, assessments and personal coaching sessions.


It’s important to keep learning new skills and advancing in your field. To help you do both, consider taking a course or two or three. If you’re into computer-related things, or have a skill or two you’d like to pick up, there are plenty of options for that as well.

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