One of the most popular activities for visitors to dollar movie in Altamonte is to watch a movie in the Altamonte Mall. There are a number of different types of theaters that offer both first run blockbuster movies as well as art house films. If you’ve enjoyed your time at the theater but have noticed any discrepancies with what’s playing, here are nine signs that it might be time to call for help:

1) The theater is nearly empty. 

This can be due to several factors, from lack of advertising or promotion, nobody showing up due to prohibitive ticket prices or poor marketing, or the unpopularity of the film being screened. 

2) There is a scene where the soundtrack blasts loudly. 

Take this as a warning sign that apparently the patrons are not mature enough to handle what is being shown. Perhaps they are the types who find loud noises annoying, or maybe they already had a bad experience with a film once and probably would again if they saw it again. 

3) It’s opening weekend. 

There’s usually little else going on in town during school vacation weeks but there are signs that the theater is having trouble attracting business even after all of this time away from work, whether because of ticket prices or poor promotion, or both. If there were no problems found with this movie, it’s unlikely that there will be any other problems either. 

4) The movie is rated PG-13. 

Before alerting the theater to the issue, consider whether or not it’s worth it. PG-13 films are typically more violent and contain more mature content than those that have been similarly rated. The format of this genre allows for content that would normally be inappropriate for younger audiences to be seen, such as intense scenes of fighting, intense language and nudity, graphic sexuality, sexual use of drugs or alcohol, and graphic depictions of cruelty or torture. Such a rating is usually reserved only for films containing these types of scenes. 

5) There is a language warning at the start of the film. 

This means that the film contains a great deal of profanity and that it’s likely to be heard during many scenes throughout the film. If you’re not looking for this and don’t enjoy films with this kind of language, it may be best to look elsewhere or wait until other theaters have added the movie to their lineups.

6) You see an extremely long line outside, with people pushing their way in before all have had a chance to purchase tickets. 

Get as far away as possible from this place! If you see this kind of behavior in other venues, there’s really no point in dealing with also having it here. If the theater is successful with ticket sales, they’ll be able to attract enough business in other areas that this won’t be a problem. 

7) The movie’s running time is over two hours.  

In general, it’s impossible for people to maintain interest in a movie for such a long period of time without any breaks. If people are still waiting in line more than an hour after the film has started, there are bigger issues at hand as far as patrons watching it on-time and maintaining attention spans during the film. If you choose to go see this movie, don’t bring children or teenagers with you.

8) The theater is attempting to show a film that has been out for months or years. 

This can be due to a number of factors, from a lack of advertising or promotion, nobody showing up due to prohibitive ticket prices or poor marketing, or the unpopularity of the film being screened. This could also be due to a contract issue with the distributor that they are trying to work out before they make any other decisions.

9) Eighty percent of the staff has suddenly quit in recent days, weeks, months… you get the idea.

This really should not be a surprise. If the theater is doing well and attracting customers, there’s no reason that they would all up and quit at once. If you see this kind of behavior from the theater staff, it’s a clear sign that there’s something wrong in their operations and that perhaps more can be done to improve them than just being able to get together for staff meetings about the issues. Get out of there as soon as possible!


It is true that taking these steps will not guarantee success with your screenplay, but they can help greatly when looking for feedback on your project. In the end, you must be able to effectively present your screenplay in an effective manner. Learn more about screenwriting and get tips on writing your own story.

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