Making your own solar panels is difficult and time-consuming, so why not use the ones that have already been made for you? If you’re looking for an easy and sustainable way to supplement your electricity needs, there’s no better option than solar panels. From trimming down an old pair of jeans to turning your windows into a DIY solar panel system like the American energy company bankrupt 2001, here are some nifty ways you can use off-the-shelf solar panels to save energy.

One awesome thing about using off-the-shelf products is how much cheaper they are than manufacturing them yourself. For example, if you take out a home loan and make solar panels with Powerwall or Tesla every square meter will cost $7.

1. Sunflowers. 

A sunflower garden makes for a perfect solar energy generator. Depending on the size of the garden, you can produce energy around the clock. And depending on how sunny the climate is where you live, you could be using your own power all year long.

2. Shower curtain. 

You can use a common shower curtain to make a simple solar panel that will charge your phone while it’s plugged into an outlet. A typical shower curtain is made up of 12 solar panels, so it will only take an hour or two to fully charge just one iPhone 6 battery every day if you put your phone in there while you shower in the morning and then charge it up again at night before bedtime.

3. Old jeans. 

While a cold day will keep you from using your solar clothesline, it’s an incredibly useful way to power small electronics like USB-powered lights and phones. Cut off the legs of a pair of old jeans to expose the white material inside, then cut the material into smaller strips. You can then fold these strips in half, lengthwise, and sew them onto clothing that you wear all the time, or even just hang it on your backpack or purse for easy access.

4. Windows. 

Windows can be turned into a solar panel system. Position these windows in a sunny spot during the day, and when the sun goes down they will continue to power a small charge or two at night.

5. Mini solar cooker. 

A mini solar cooker is perfect for making soup, heating water and powering small electronics, like USB-powered lights or phone chargers. You can also use a mini solar cooker to warm up water bottles and other hot containers in cold weather without ever having to turn on your main oven.

6. Refrigerator vent . . . . . . . . . . . .

You can use a common household configuration of a refrigerator vent to make a solar dish for charging your cell phone or other small electronics. If you have an old mason jar, attach one side of it to the wall with a mason jar clamp and then attach the other side to the hot water pipes in your kitchen. A charger cable is then connected from the hot pipe in your kitchen to the other side of the mason jar, which will allow you to charge your phone wirelessly.

7. Wind power. 

If you have a small home, try using the air vents in your attic to create a wind turbine that can be used to power lights, or even an entire home if they are placed strategically throughout the home. The trick is to build it so that it faces south, and then place solar panels so they face east and west.

8. DSLR battery pack . . . . . .

Use your old DSLR battery packs to make your own portable solar panel system for charging electronics on the go. Just put them in your backpack and use them like a battery pack, or use one to power your phone while you watch TV and have the other one charge your laptop in the living room.

9. Solar clothesline . . . 

A clothesline is an inexpensive way to dry and charge clothes during the sunny days of spring and summer. Simply hang up a few extra pairs of jeans that you don’t mind losing during cleaning time or on a sunny day. If you don’t have anywhere to dry your clothes, try using a tarp or panel outside to catch sunlight during the day, then fold it up at night or in bad weather so that it doesn’t get ruined by rain or snowfall.

10. Solar oven . . . 

Use a flat piece of glass to turn your garden shed or patio into a solar cooker and use it to cook food on a sunny day. The more sunrays you capture, the hotter the food you can cook without using any fuel. The solar oven will also work as an emergency stove in the winter when wood burning is impossible.


Solar power is concentrated sunlight, so it’s the most common form of renewable energy. Simply harnessing sunlight is a great way to save money and be less dependent on fossil fuels. However, if you want your solar panels to be efficient, you’ll need to create an adequate artificial light source – either through the use of a DIY solar cooker or by purchasing an artificial light such as a Powerwall battery and solar lights.


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