I am a Certified Physical Therapist, currently studying towards my Bachelor of Science in Sport Education. I am also a member of the Health and Physical Education Athletic Training Association and National Association of Health and Physical Education. I am also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. I have a background in physical therapy education, and have lectured for Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistants for several years in the area of physical therapy.

As I mentioned above, I am a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. I have served on the Professional Standards Committee for PT and PT Assistants over the past eleven years.

I think physical therapy is one of the most important areas of medicine because it is the most basic, most basic form of treatment for injured bodies. Unfortunately, since PT is a relatively new field of medicine, and the profession has been growing rapidly, we haven’t had a full decade of scientific data and research on it. We still are, however, very much in the dark about how to treat people with injuries and diseases.

But at least the PT standards committee is doing its job, and it is doing it very well. They are working very hard to keep the standards up to date. They provide guidance to PTs on how to treat spinal injuries, hip dysplasia, upper extremity injuries, and the like. They are also updating the standards to include a general minimum standard of physical therapy for our patients.

This is great. We are all very grateful to them for making their job just a bit easier. Now we just need more PTs.

The standards themselves are quite reasonable. It is nice to know that the government is working hard to keep the standards up to date. It is also nice to know they are working very hard to keep the standards up to date. It is not at all as nice to see our patients waiting months for PT. In my opinion, there are more important things that PTs should be doing.

A recent example of my recent experience is when I was on a ride to a golf course with my boyfriend, an old skier who had been taking a walk through our neighborhood and he said… “I have a couple of friends who are going to be there this year, and they’re going to be a lot more productive.” I told him I had no idea what to do if he couldn’t come up with an answer.

What’s wrong with me? He just got all “Oh, well I’ll just run to find you, so I can tell you what to do!” and ran right back to the house.

The other thing is that the game is so fun that it can be the most amazing thing to be alive. So why not just go to a friend’s house and have fun? Because if that’s all it takes then we’ll be in a world of great games and great personalities! As a gamer, every game has a lot of fun, and I would love to get a whole bunch of friends to play every week or so.

The final question is why are we talking about the first 3 games? I wouldn’t worry too much about the first being the most fun, but the game is so enjoyable, it’s just that the second game is a little more challenging in its own right, which could be a good thing.


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