If you are reading this, I am probably going to be talking about you, and about you, and about you.

The latest from Bartlesville, Kentucky is a great one, featuring a local radio station named KSRC, which is a pretty typical local news station for a small southern town.

Not only is KSRC a local radio station, it is also a local radio station named after the town. It is also a town with a large population of barbers, and they are a pretty important part of Bartlesville’s economy. We all know that the local radio station can’t be trusted, and if it were to take over the airwaves and the news would completely change, then we’d have a whole new reason to hate Bartlesville.

If KSRC is to take over the airwaves and become a mouthpiece for the barbers, then they have to get some new personalities on the air. I would think that they would look to hire someone like Bartlesville resident Jeff Jones, who is a fan of the station and thinks it is a great idea. Jeff has been a big proponent of doing a new local news show on the station, but I am not sure if he has the right kind of face to do that.

I am also not convinced that Bartlesville is the right place to launch a new radio news show. The station is run by the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce, and they are in the midst of a major merger that is taking them out of their traditional role as a local news arm. If they want to have a news show, they need to be seen as a legitimate news outlet that is on the forefront of the times.

With all the negative press from the recent merger, it seems like Bartlesville’s local news has become a bit of a forgotten relic. Its reputation as a place which is run by a bunch of well-meaning people who hate each other has faded. While many people may have a negative opinion of local news, only a few other places have been able to maintain this positive image. So, I am not sure whether to give Bartlesville a try.

Bartlesville is a city which is located in Bartlesville, Tennessee. It is part of the larger Memphis metropolitan area. With a population of over 2,800, it is the fourth largest city in Tennessee and the second largest in the Southeastern United States. This city has a long, rich past that is largely forgotten even though it still exists. The city’s history goes back to the Civil War when the city was known as Camp Hill.

Bartlesville was founded in 1825 as part of the Southern Improvement Company which was a part of the Southern Department. The purpose of the Southern Improvement Company was to encourage the development of agriculture in the south. During the 1870s, the company went into a period of consolidation as various investors decided that the best thing to do was just to sell off the city and move it somewhere else. This was also the time before the city was incorporated into a government.

When Camp Hill.Bartlesville was incorporated, it was the sixth city in the state and was the second to get a charter. It was founded in 1825 as part of the company. Over time it became a thriving industrial center and a thriving community. The city is also home to the Bartlesville High School.


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