Donald Trump and the GOP (Grand Old Party) have created a new bill called HR-7. If it passes, it will make it illegal to have an abortion. 

This bill has been sponsored by Republican men and doesn’t include women’s opinion on the subject of abortions. In some countries, this would be called a violation of human rights as people’s choices are being taken away from them without any say in the matter. 

In short, HR-7 is a bad bill that will have negative consequences for all women who want or need to get an abortion. 

They say that it is to protect women and their health, but a little research will show you the truth. In short, this bill is not helping out at all and has more problems than good.

Here is some more information about Best Self Defence Tricks Every Woman Must Learn.

Here are some more information about Best Self Defence Tricks Every Women Must Learn-

1. Benefits of Learning Self Defence:

A lot of women think that self-defence is only for men or for some women who are in a physically stronger position to protect themselves. Women can learn how to defend themselves and it can be very helpful in many ways. 

Like we said earlier, it will help them to avoid violence in their lives. It is important that you protect yourself because there are people out there who want you dead or to do something bad with your body. 

There are people who want you to feel not safe when they come close, but self-defence can help you to be more secure at all times because of its benefits.

2. Physical Benefits of Learning Self Defence:

Self-defence can help you to look after yourself and to improve your physical endurance. It can also help you to build muscle strength and endurance. 

Note that most injuries take place when women are fighting men, so it is important that women also have the strength to fight back. 

With self-defence, you will not only be protecting yourself from threats but also getting into shape as well. This is a good way for women to stay fit because it requires them to do exercises on a regular basis.

3. Emotional Benefits of Learning Self Defence:

Learning self-defence will help you to find your inner strength and confidence. You will feel more empowered especially when you are able to protect yourself. Even if you don’t use the moves, knowing them can give you confidence in yourself and help you to stay strong. 

Knowing that you can make a plan to avoid violence or harm will make it so that you will be more confident in your ability to move around freely without having someone hurt or threaten you.

4. Social Benefits of Learning Self Defence:

Self-defence will help you to build social skills that will help you to start new relationships with people from all walks of life. This can also help you to be more in control of your life and your emotions as well. 

A lot of times, when women are faced with something stressful in their lives or some situations that make them sad, they have no idea how to handle the situation. They don’t know how to interact with other people and they don’t know how to calm themselves down. 

The kind of social interactions that can be learned from self-defence are helpful in a lot of situations. Not only will it give you the power to defend yourself against people but also help you to handle sensitive issues with people.

5. Mental Benefits of Learning Self Defence:

Learning self-defence can help you to get your body out of its comfort zone as well as your mind. When learning this activity, women can become more alert and more active in their lives. 

It will help them to develop their mental capacity as well and multitask at the same time. Self-defence can help women to utilise their brain in order to be more creative and think outside the box. Being able to handle a situation quickly and being able to think on their feet can help them to stay safe at all times.

6. Tips for Learning Self Defence:

Child’s Pose – Child’s pose is not just good for meditation, but it is also good for self-defence as well. This should be practised in a room with no nearby objects that you might knock over. It should be done in a quiet place without distractions. 

This pose will help you to focus on the situation and not be distracted by a lot of things going on around you. It will also help to improve your balance and coordination. 

This can also be practised in the hallway without any objects nearby. When you are done with it, keep practising it until it becomes a habit.

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