It is not easy to find your way around in Borderlands 2, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the best character for solo play. There are many ways that you can choose the perfect fit for you, so let’s go over how to choose who is best for you and why.


You want a balanced character that will help carry your team through difficult sections of play-throughs and instances. 


The high-level characters such as Salvador and Gaige were built around their ability to take down tough enemies quickly with powerful attacks, while also providing a substantial amount of survivability against foes by employing shield boosts and healing methods. 


However, most of the original cast were balanced in that they provided their own advantages. For example, Zer0 was effective at taking out enemies quickly through the use of fast-moving strikes and shields that were boosted by other characters.


However, you still want to pick a character that is more focused on what you want to do in the game. If you are looking for a specific class or play style, make sure your character fits with your goals rather than trying to fit with the group’s goals.


When considering Berserker, you want to look at their high damage output and high shields. For newcomers to the game, however, the high shields can be a hindrance as it can take several enemies to kill off the shields. 


On the other hand, if you are looking for a character that can focus on dealing with tougher enemies, you might want one with lower health.


There are also some disadvantages of choosing a character based on your individual play style or goal. 

Here is the best guide for borderlands 2, what do you mean theoretically?


For example, if you are looking for a team-centric character that focuses on being team-oriented, then you should avoid picking characters that have more focus on dealing massive damage over time rather than massive damage over moments.


1. Don’t Fall In Love With The Story.

It’s cool that the story is there, but it doesn’t matter. I haven’t met one person who says they enjoy the story in Borderlands 2. 

Why? Because it’s not the most important part of playing the game.


What are you looking for in a game? Whether it’s something to do, something to kill, or just something to spend your time on that feels rewarding at the end of each session?

You need to figure that out first because that’s what will guide you through your solo journey. 


If you want to keep grinding away at Borderlands 2 so you can get all of the loot and guns, then be my guest! 

But if you want to play with friends or grind for a plate so you can buy them some better gear so they don’t die, then be mindful of your goals while playing solo.


2. Don’t Play As A Sniper Or Rocket Launcher Guy.

This is a really tough one for some people to swallow, but the truth of the matter is that this role makes some solo players kind of boring. I understand this because I played as a sniper at first. 


When you’re playing as a sniper, it’s very difficult to chat up your enemies and find out what they’re saying or what they’re thinking. You can’t really do that with a sniper because it’s very difficult for them to hear you and there aren’t many ways for them to interact with you.


But I learned my lesson, so I started playing as an engineer. This way, I could chat up the enemies and find out why they were attacking. 


I found that the more I chatted with people in Borderlands 2, the more fluid they became. It’s nice to just play solo for a few hours and then chat it up with everyone in game, even if it’s just for a few minutes or so. 


The point is that trying out different characters will only make you a better player because you’re learning from these experiences and making connections with other players that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.


3. Think About What You Want Out Of A Game.

Sometimes a solo player will go out and buy a new game because they want to play as a sniper or a rocket launcher guy. That’s fine, but you should just have that realization about what you’re getting into from the start.


For example, let’s say that you decide to play as an engineer for your first Borderlands 2 build because you want to be able to use abilities like stealth and repair almost every time you’re in combat. 


Well then, that means that when any of your teammates are killed, they will get nearly no benefit out of the games’ new items because they will only be able to get themselves back up if they get repaired.


4. Don’t Play As A Commando.

If you choose to play as a commando, please don’t use the special ability that allows you to place turrets. I don’t care if it’s your favorite thing in the world, just don’t do it. 


This ability is supposed to be very powerful and helpful for your teammates, but if you’re playing solo and those turrets are being placed away from where those teammates are actually fighting, then those turrets become really annoying for both of us because the stuff I’m shooting at isn’t getting damaged as much as it should.


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