The most recent news on this website is that the burger king has decided to rename themselves. The new name is “The Burger King of North America.” The new logo is in the works, too. There is more information in the about page.

A new logo will likely be released sometime this month. The burger king is one of the most recognizable brands in the country, and the company has been very successful in recent years with their original logo. They even have a logo of the same shape and color as the original. The new logo will likely be based off this.

We’re not sure of the exact details yet, but we’ve been given some more info which could mean that the new logo will be in the shape of a large hamburger patty. It may have the same shape as the original logo, but it will be more beefy. We’ll keep you updated.

The burger king has an awesome logo that is pretty iconic, but the real deal is the brand itself. There is no doubt that burger king is a company that has a great story to tell. This logo may be a little smaller but it still has that iconic look. If you like the logo, you might want to check out the brand, but you might be looking at a very different brand.

If you think about it, the real burger king is the one that used to be a sandwich shop called BK. As if that isn’t enough, the original owner was a guy who was murdered at his job and his family had to sell his business to build a new one. They called it BK and gave the old logo as the new logo for free, and that logo is still pretty clear, but now it looks like a huge hamburger.

And here’s the thing. The “real” burger king is dead… and so is the burger king, because we now have a new version of the real burger king. The new burger king is a real hamburger, and since real burgers don’t grow, so the new one will be smaller and more limited than the original. I like this. It’s not like we’re not going to continue to eat burgers, but now we can eat real hamburgers instead of giant ones.

The new burger king is a pretty big deal, because it’s the first time we’ve seen one since the very first game. It’s a good move by the developers, since it shows that they’re willing to do something that wasn’t done before. It also marks the return of the burgers to the real world. In the original burger king game, the burgers were a fantasy of the game world.

That’s a pretty big deal, but that’s not the main reason why we do it. We had to build it in the first place.

It makes sense, but the problem is that the burger king is the most important game in the game. We had to make it so that it would not have a different menu and look like a really big burger. So we wanted to keep it that way.

The problem with the burger king games was that we had to recreate the world with a bunch of text. We had to make it look like the real world, and that was hard since the burgers are pretty big. Making them a lot smaller, and making them look like they’re in the real world (or that they’re not) would have been better. The burger king games were also difficult because they didn’t have an easy to use menu or quick loading screen.


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