We’ve all seen these business card magnets that are so powerful that they can take even a mediocre person like ourselves to a place we’ve never been. People like to call them ’shiny business cards’, but that’s a misnomer. These magnets are actually made of a metal that is shiny. They have tiny diamonds that are coated in gold or silver and are then magnetized to your business cards.

Walmart sells business cards in two sizes. Small card magnets (for people like myself) and large card magnets (for people who want the extra security that big magnets add). You can make your own magnets with a hammer, and then lay the magnets down on a piece of cardboard to make them a bit more permanent.

They aren’t cheap, so you could do a lot worse than putting some of these magnets around your office or something. I think they look pretty cool, and I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who’d be happy to have magnets as part of their business card collection.

You can find magnets at walmart.com for about $5.99 a pack. I use them in my office, and other places like my car. They are a great way to help you get your card into place without anyone seeing it.

For more details on why magnets are cool, check out this article from Business Insider.

For some of you, they might seem like a bit of a waste of money, but they are a great way to collect magnets. There are two ways to collect magnets. The first is to buy a magnet from a magnet store. The second is to download the magnet maker and print it out yourself. I’ve been trying to find a few for our office. The printer is pretty expensive, $30 or so, but I think it will work well for our purposes.

The other cool thing about magnets is magnets always have a different purpose. They can be used to fix a car, hold a key, or even hold a note or a sign. Just about anything can use a magnet to hold them, so don’t expect to find your business card in there.

The magnets at walmart are actually pretty cool. I think it is because they are so easy to use and cheap. The printer is probably the most expensive part of the magnet because it is so expensive. The magnets should also be free because they are not really used. They are used to hold things in a way that it doesn’t go flying. I think its really cool that the magnet would be used to hold my business card which is a rather large one but still useful.

Walmart really does a good job of keeping costs low. My card magnet is the cheapest one I found that I could afford. If you find your card magnet in there for less, please let me know and I will give you a discount.

Walmart is known for using magnetism to keep its products fresh and its staff happy. But it has also used magnets to hold things that would otherwise go flying, like cups of coffee, because those things are pretty heavy. So its not surprising that it was able to get magnets to hold business cards.


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