The weather can be a challenge for those of us who love to spend time outside. For some, the daily struggle is finding out what to wear in order to keep from getting sunburned. On days that are cloudy or rainy, it may seem like you have no choice but to stay indoors and look at your phone all day. But don’t despair! There are ways you can get your tan without stepping foot outside! Number of Words: 411 words. Count the number of sentences in your post (including this one). __ Number of paragraphs? __. This is a long-form content with __ points for the reader to follow. There are also __ images included, totaling __MBs.__ The title and description have been filled out from start to finish; all other fields can be left blank at first draft stage! __ Your Blog Post Statistics Content Type: Long Form Content Length: 410 Points Tagline/Pitch Line: Can You Tan When it’s Cloudy?: Your Guide To Sunshine Objective & Keyword(s): Get Your Sun Without Leaving Home Images Used In This Post Include With Photos? Yes Total MB Usage


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