In this blog post, we will discuss 11 steps that will help increase your conversion rates and generate more revenue for your business! -Step One: Research and understand your customer persona. -Step Two: Define a clear value proposition that speaks to their needs. ¬ Step Three: Create an easy, intuitive user experience for each step of the conversion funnel. etc.. Page Content Below (text) Section Title “What can you tell me about this content description.” Page Layout Full width – Desktop, Tablet, Phone Blog Post Start Date October 15th 2018 Author Name Business Owner Company Website URL Description This is our blog post with 11 steps to increasing revenue! Status Active / Published Keywords SEO Web Design Link Text What Can You Tell Me About This Content Description? Categories Conversion Rate Optimization & Marketing (CRO), CRM Demographic Business Owners Blog Post Link URL What can you tell me about this content description? The content is a blog post with 11 steps to increasing revenue. The author’s company website url is given as well, which provides more information on the source of the article and its current status (active/published). There are keywords for SEO purposes: “conversion rate optimization & marketing (CRO), CRM”, “Demographic”-“Business Owners”. Categories include conversion rate optimisation and marketing, customer relationship management, business owners’ blogs. A link text or title might be helpful for people who don’t want to read through all of it!


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