Can you feel it? The feeling that can only be expressed through words? This blog post is dedicated to the feelings that we all have, but cannot find a way to express. We’re talking about those moments when you just want to tell someone how much they mean to you and try not go crazy from the overwhelming emotions. It’s hard for many of us because we don’t know what the other person wants or needs, so this blog post will help! This blog post is all about how to express your emotions in a way that the other person will be able to understand. We’ll give you tips and tricks on what words they might not know, but would still be meaningful for them. We’ve even got some emoji-based phrases so you can show just how deep those feelings run! The one thing we have found out through this research is everyone has different ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings. Some people feel more comfortable using colors while others find it easier when they talk or type things out with words because there’s less room for error (or miscommunication). It really depends on who you are as an individual- which means understanding ourselves will help us better connect with our partners down


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