This article will show you how to transfer saved games from Steam to Origin. This is useful if you want to reinstall your game and can’t find the save files, or just want a backup of them in case something happens with your computer. The first thing that you need to do is log into Origin on another device (or at least be able to access it). Next, go through these steps: -Open up Origin -Click on “Origin” in the top left corner -Select “Application Settings” -Scroll down until you see an option for “Games & Updates.” Select this option and click on Games Library below it. You should now see all of your installed games listed here, including any Mass Effect games. -Select the game you want to transfer your saved games from -Click “Manage Game” and then click on Export Saved Games -A window will pop up asking where to export it, so go ahead and select a location that is easy for you to find. It can be either download or external storage if you have an SD card in your device. The next screen should now show all of the saves available for this one game. Click Start Transferring at the bottom left corner when you’re ready -Repeat these steps for every Mass Effect game that you need transferred over until they are all done transferring! The first thing that you need to do is log into Origin on


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