If you have ever tried to uncorrupt an item in Path of Exile, then you know how stressful it can be. There are so many different items that can potentially corrupt your gear and make it useless. With the release of 3.1, this may not be a problem for long! In this blog post we will discuss some rules and strategies for obtaining rare items with a large variety without having them turn into white or magic rarity after being corrupted by Vaal Orb.

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Rule #0: Use the Vaal Orb to uncorrupt items at your own risk. Some people will say that you can always just use a Divine and Eternal orb instead, but this is not accurate because if there are other corrupting mods then those orbs have increased chance of corruption too! Rule #01: There is no such thing as one-time usage for corrupted items without consequence.

If you try to clear out some red sockets on an item with using Chaos Orbs or another similar mod, it may be okay in low quantities (i.e., two slots) but after that point it becomes much more likely that something bad will happen when trying to manipulate the socket color again.


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