Can you use different brands of RAM? It is a question many computer enthusiasts ask themselves when they are installing new memory. The answer to that question varies, so we will offer some tips for you to help decide what works best for your needs. In the world of computer memory, there are two types: DDR and SDR.

The difference between these is that one runs at higher frequency than the other. Generally speaking, a faster RAM will be more expensive because it takes longer to produce it (because you have to manufacture an intricate circuit). Manufacturers tend to create modules with only their own brand of RAM in them but sometimes they mix brands within the same module.

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This can cause compatibility issues for your system if they don’t match up properly or your motherboard doesn’t support both speeds simultaneously. That being said, many people use different brands together without any problems at all! It just depends on what your needs are as well as how much power you need from each stick of RAM. 


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