We’ve all been there. You are a few questions into your practice test and you realize that you don’t know how to do the math problem in front of you. What are your options? You could ask for help from another student, but what if they have no clue either? Will it be worth dropping out of the test altogether?

calculator, calculation, insurance @ Pixabay

No! The best option is to use a calculator on the ASVAB. A calculator on the ASVAB is a great way to ensure that you get all of your work done right. You can figure out how much money you owe at the store, or solve complex math problems with ease. A calculator may also prevent you from making costly mistakes when solving word problems and other types of questions.

The biggest advantage of using a calculator on the ASVAB is that it will save time for both you and the proctor administering your test. Using one means less waiting around between sections, too! It’s tough enough to focus while taking an exam – don’t make it harder by thinking about how long each section is going to take without a timer in front of you.


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