The GMAT is a standardized test used to assess the aptitude of students applying to graduate school in business. It is often considered one of the hardest tests in the world and requires an incredible amount of studying and preparation. The GMAT has been around for over 50 years and has gone through many changes, but some questions still remain unanswered.

One such question that people have been debating about for years is “Can you use a calculator on the GMAT?” Explanation: The GMAT does not restrict the use of calculators. According to ETS, “The calculator is a tool that you may wish to have on hand for solving problems more quickly and conveniently than with traditional paper-and-pencil techniques.” However, some people believe that this will give an unfair advantage because it would make calculations faster and easier.

calculator, paperclip, ballpoint pen @ Pixabay

Conclusion: There are many different opinions about if one can or cannot use their own personal calculator during their time at the GMAT test center. Some think that using your own personal device might provide too much help while others disagree stating there should be no restrictions put in place when completing the standardized examination. Ultimately each person must decide what they feel most comfortable with.


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