How many times have you run out of shampoo and resorted to using body wash? For most people, this happens on a regular basis. But is it safe to use body wash as shampoo? In this article, we will provide some background information about what is in your everyday cosmetic products that may be harmful for your hair and scalp. We will also give advice on how to find the best alternatives for these common household items when you are looking for the perfect product.

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The first thing you need to know is that everything in your body wash may be harmful for your hair. Even if the product just says “shampoo,” it can still contain ingredients like sulfates and parabens. These are not only bad for your scalp but also have been linked with cancer! When looking at labels, try to find products without sulfates or any other ingredients listed as a preservative (parabens).

If these are found on the label there is a high chance they will irritate sensitive skin and cause an allergic reaction. You should always use shampoo specifically made for dandruff-prone scalps because it typically contains salicylic acid which helps control flakes by loosening.


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