When I first started to build my desktop computer, I knew that the most important thing was to make sure it had a lot of RAM. So I went on Amazon and bought an ASUS motherboard with 16GB of Corsair memory.

But then something funny happened when I tried installing the RAM — none of the slots was compatible!

ram, technology, pc @ Pixabay

It turned out that there are actually different types of RAM you can use for your computer, and only some brands will work together. This is where Crucial Memory comes in. Crucial Memory is the only provider of quality RAM that will work with any computer, so you never have to worry about compatibility again.

Crucial has been a trusted name for memory since 1988 and even if your motherboard doesn’t support all brands of memory as mine did, there’s still hope. I had my Crucial 16GB (two modules) set up in no time at all and it worked beautifully from day one!

My old Corsair RAM now lives happily on my desk as an extra power source or something — just because they were too big for my PC doesn’t mean they’re useless! And most importantly? The installation process was super easy thanks to those handy new labels that show which slots are compatible with different types of RAM.


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