Cats and dogs have a long history of being mortal enemies.

Cats would often chase after dogs, but the tables have turned in recent years as it has been reported that cats now outnumber dogs in households with both animals.

Dog shampoo is designed to clean fur and remove dirt from the skin, while cat shampoos are made specifically for their coat type – there may be a reason why using dog shampoo on cats can cause issues!

Problem: Using dog shampoo on cats can cause problems. Solution: Use cat-specific shampoos!

sphynx, cat, bathtub @ Pixabay

Expert opinion: “This is not a good idea because in some cases, the ingredients in certain hair products may be harmful to both animals.” – Dr Kyle Swanson PhD, DVM from Gurnee Animal Hospital and Board Certified Veterinary Specialist for Cats

Board Certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) There are many different types of pet shampoos available that meet your pet’s needs including dry skin or pets who need assistance with flea control. Dry paws?


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