The tide pod has been a hot topic in the news recently. This is because of their strange design which allows them to fit inside a washing machine and dissolve, but also because they are toxic and have caused serious injuries to people who decide to eat them.

They were designed for use with standard washers, but many Samsung washer owners want to know if it’s safe for them to use these pods. Samsung washers are a popular brand of high-efficiency washer that is available at most appliance stores.

They have one design flaw, however: the pods won’t dissolve inside them as they will in standard machines.

This means that if you place your pod into a Samsung washing machine, it may not break down properly and could cause damage to both the detergent receptacle and any clothes which are left on top of it while waiting for their turn in the wash cycle.

The tide company has stated publicly that these pods were never designed or tested with Samsung’s line of washing machines because they know how different they can be from other models. 


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