Can you vape while charging your phone?

The answer is yes!

A lot of people are asking this question, and we think that it’s a great idea to explore the topic in greater depth. So what does vaping have to do with charging your phone?

For one thing, many vape pens come with built-in microchips that can be used for e-cigarettes or other devices. These chips allow users to monitor how much battery power they have left, which means they don’t need to worry about being without their device when the battery dies out.

It also allows them a way of checking on the progress of their charge – some models even show an estimate as time elapses!

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These devices actually convert liquid flavourings into inhalable aerosols, simulating the physical sensation of smoking without any of the carcinogens associated with tobacco products. The user inhales vapours from nicotine-containing liquids in order to experience the effect of smoking; it’s as simple as pressing a button! It may sound complicated, but really all there is to using these devices is turning


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