It’s tough to come back from a torn ACL. It’s an injury that can take up to six months, and sometimes even longer, to fully recover from. For many people, the first step in coming back is finding out what they can do with their knee when it is injured.

This article will discuss some of the most common exercises you should be doing if your knee has been injured for any length of time.

Hip Hinge to Calf Raise – This is a great exercise for people with an injured knee. It will only aggravate your injury if you don’t have the strength in your hip and core muscles or if you are too sore from previous exercises.

legs, shoes, walking @ Pixabay

Hip hinging will help develop back and posterior chain muscles that can assist with leg movements, as well as balance on an injured knee.

This type of movement also helps work out the tightness in the lower back associated with prolonged periods of sitting, which may result from time off because of an injury like this one.

Place hands behind your head when performing this exercise so it can be done without having to bend down first (you should already be bent at 90 degrees). 


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