If you were in the hospital with a torn ACL, what would be some of your concerns?

This article will cover how a tear affects the knee and surgery options. We’ll also talk about recovery time so that you can plan ahead.

A torn ACL is a common injury that usually affects athletes and those who take part in sport.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) connects the thigh bone to the shinbone on either side of your knee, where it helps control movement and stability.

ankle, fracture, foot @ Pixabay

A severe tear can lead to instability of the knee joint which will result in pain at night when you lie down or sit for too long, swelling around your kneecap, stiffness after sitting with legs bent for more than 15 minutes – as well as difficulty walking up stairs or getting into cars without using one leg first.

For an athlete like yourself, this could mean not being able to run again until surgery has been done and recovery time completed!


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