Most people have at one point or another in their life had a scrunchy. I know I probably wore them from about 3rd grade to 8th grade.

But what do you do with your old, ratty scrunchies?

Can you wash them?

If not, how can they be cleaned up so that they don’t become breeding grounds for bacteria and gross stuff?

There are a few ways to clean scrunchies.

girl, goggles, mop @ Pixabay

One is by soaking them in shampoo and water for about 15 minutes but don’t use soap if they’re covered with fabric softener or other chemicals. You can also wash your scrunchie on the delicate cycle of a washing machine or hand-wash it with laundry detergent just as you would clothes.

What not do?

Throw them away!

It’s really easy to care for an old favourite once we know how to do so correctly, which will make everyone happy when they see that their favourite hair accessory has been restored from its ratty form.

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