Welding is a great skill to have. It can be used for metal fabrication, fixing old machines, and much more!

In this post, we will discuss the basics of welding and how you could use it in your everyday life. We’ll cover what equipment you need to get started with welding as well as some safety tips that everyone should know before they start their first project.

Welding Basics -Safety Tips -What Equipment is Needed?

welding, welder, work @ Pixabay

Mig Welding Projects to Try Out! Welding can be a great skill for many jobs. It’s not just used in metal fabrication, it also has lots of uses when fixing old machines and other items around the house.

To get started with welding you’ll need some equipment which we will discuss later in this post. Before getting into any projects though take note of our safety tips that are discussed below so you don’t injure yourself or others while working with power tools like welders. You should always wear protective gloves and eyewear because there are sparks flying out from your project area as well as hot molten metal.


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