This is a list of the best whip and dab songs. These are all great for the club, parties, or just to listen to at home with friends!

In this article, we will go through some of the most popular drum and bass songs that have been released in recent years. Drum and bass have grown massively over the last few decades, so there are tons of new songs coming out every day!

The first song on our list is “Waiting” by Sub Focus ft. Kyan Palmer was released on February 22nd 2017. This song starts off slow and then it quickly becomes fast-paced and intense with lots of heavy drums.

It’s an excellent tune for any party setting because it gets people pumped up but also has a slower and more chill section at the end to ease people back down.

stage, concert, crowd @ Pixabay

The next song on our list is “D-Block” by Wilkinson which was released on April 30th 2017. This has one of the best samples from a horror movie ever!

It’s in this really intense build-up that gets your heart racing, then it drops into an absolutely banging drum beat with added synths for good measure.

I think any fan of rap or EDM would enjoy this track because it combines both genres beautifully together while keeping its own unique flavour as well.

The last song we’ll mention here is “Lucky Charmes” by DJ Shadow ft Method Man & Redman which was released May 20th 2018. 


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