You may be wondering if your parents can see what you search for online. The answer is yes and no. They will not be able to see every single thing you’ve searched, but they might still have access to some of that information depending on how strict the parental controls are on your computer or tablet’s browser settings.

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This post will explain more about whether or not your parents can see what you search for online and what steps you can take to keep them from seeing this information in the future.

* You might not have access to your parental controls. – If you don’t know how to find the parental controls on your computer or tablet, it can be difficult for you to make changes without help from someone who has more knowledge of these settings.

This means that if they are able to see what’s going on with the account and change those settings in order for them not to see anything embarrassing, then there is nothing else left other than asking a family member or friend for assistance as soon as possible.

* They will only be able to search through all of your data when using their own device. – The good thing about this responsibility being placed back onto parents’ devices is that they can easily keep track of everything they’re


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