We all know that canned goods are a necessity in the kitchen. But when it comes to purchasing them, there are certain factors you should look for before making your purchase. After reading this blog post, you will never again be fooled into buying substandard canned goods! -Does it have a can opener? If not, you may want to reconsider. -Is the expiration date coming up soon? Try and find something that will last longer. Things like canned spaghetti sauce are often good for about five years after purchase as opposed to the two or three months they’re typically rated for. -Look at volume: if there’s only one can of soup when you need more than one (or any other commodity), then don’t buy it! You’ll end up paying way too much money on such a small amount of goods. The same goes with vegetables–if there’s just six cans instead of twelve in some cases, consider buying them fresh from your local market or grocery store instead because you


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