This is a blog post that discusses 11 steps to increase conversion rates. This is a blog post that discusses 11 steps to increase conversion rates. Below are some of the most important tips and tricks: -Create testimonial videos from satisfied customers, It offers instant credibility for your business -Use video on landing pages. Video will engage visitors with short attention spans (and it should be in fullscreen mode) -Avoid using an overlay of text over images because this can distract viewers or make them feel like they’re being sold to too aggressively -If you have long blocks of content, break up the paragraphs into smaller chunks by inserting bulleted lists or headings about what’s coming next so readers aren’t overwhelmed at once. This also makes reading easier when scrolling down the page towards the bottom -Use the power of words to trigger your visitors’ emotions -Add more images and videos on pages -Give freebies for email signups. This is a good way to generate an audience who will get updated about new content or products/services you offer -Don’t be afraid to ask questions in posts, especially if they’re short (or answer them yourself) -Keep the layout simple but don’t underestimate importance of imagery because it can make huge differences with conversion rates. Use large photos that fill up most of the screen space so people see what they come for immediately and feel motivated to buy right away. This blog post discusses 11 steps to increase conversion rates: Below are some tips


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