The software update server is down. The message you received after trying to install the latest version of a piece of software on your computer, tablet or phone probably says something like “Software Update Server is Down.” This means that the company that created the software has not been able to make it available for download from their servers recently. There are some things you can do if this happens. Get more information about how to fix it by reading our article at Solution: If the software update server is down, contact customer service or try these steps. Step one – Give us your email and we will notify you when the servers are back up. Step two – Go directly to an online store that sells this piece of software (often a web link can be found on their website) if there’s a purchase option available for MacOS computers then click “Buy Now.” For Windows PCs, look under “More Purchase Options” or go through your browser’s shopping cart process as before from step three in order to complete the purchase with another credit card. Software Update Server Down? Contact Customer Service Or Try These Steps was originally published


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