This content is about two different topics and should be divided into separate posts, not one. The first topic is a discussion of the TV show “can’t pay we’ll take it away” in which the star who played Ray Cokes died. The second topic discusses who died on Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5.

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The first topic, which is about the TV show “can’t pay we’ll take it away”, has received little to no coverage in mainstream media outlets. This article will discuss why this might be and what may have happened with Ray Cokes’ death. To start off, there are a few theories as to how he died;

for example, one theory says that his cause of death was heart failure due to high blood pressure but another state that he had been sober for many years before suddenly dying due to alcohol consumption along with other drugs. It’s not clear whether or not these two cases overlap at all – either way, if they did happen simultaneously then this would explain why so many people think Ray Cokes could’ve committed suicide


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