A few weeks ago, I came home from work to find my roommate had left a note on the door. It said “I’m sorry but they were too much for me.” He was never one of those crazy people who actually believed in clowns, so I didn’t think anything of it until he wasn’t there when I woke up this morning. All his stuff was gone and all that’s left is a big empty house and some dust bunnies. ..I don’t know what I’m going to do. With him gone, the place is too quiet and it’s just not right without someone else here to talk or watch TV with me when I get home from work. The house used to be a happy one until he left but now it feels like every time I walk in the door, everybody’s waiting for me. Why couldn’t they have taken me instead? ..If only there was some way to make them forget about living people and go back into hiding for good! But that might be asking for too much hope. Maybe if we try hard enough though, maybe someday–maybe somehow–the clowns will eat us all up together at last so none of us are


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