Incremental capacity increases are usually acquired in fairly large “chunks” rather than in smooth increments. The phrase “incremental capacity” refers to the increased power of a computer or other system that happens gradually, such as when you purchase additional RAM for your laptop.

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These are often obtained in smaller increments. A computer or other system’s power may increase gradually as more RAM is installed, but capacity increases can also happen in “chunks” where the power of a system changes suddenly. For example, if your company acquires an additional office building that makes it possible for one department to take over operations from another, this would be considered a chunk because both departments experience the increased capacity at once and not incrementally.

Let’s say you have two buildings with four offices each (eight total). If you combine them into one building by adding partitions between some of the rooms so that there are now six offices on every floor plus three new conference rooms on the top level, then all eight floors will see


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